Seven Snippets: Back From My Forced Hiatus!


— 1 — Hey hey! I’m writing these Snippets on Thursday evening, crossing my fingers and saying a few prayers that FRIDAY will be the day that – at long last! – no one in this house is sick. It’s been a long, long, long, long week of fevers, headaches, hurling, and other unmentionables. — […]

We’re Still Whacking the Moles Around Here

Did you miss me on Tuesday? I missed you guys, and unfortunately…I’m going to be missing you a little bit longer. One of the most vile GI bugs I’ve heard about it in awhile has been making the rounds down here and took our family out – all four of us, Mr. Andi and within […]

Seven Snippets: Whack-a-Mole Edition!


— 1 — Last week, after my dad read the blog post about our new puppy, Gabi, he gave me a call and he sounded a wee bit giddy. Although I had forgotten it, he had two pointers when I was little, including one who was named Gus that I adored who died of cancer when I was […]

When a Win Doesn’t Feel Like a Win


On Tuesday, I shared a few details about the birthday boys, including my favorite gift that Nathan received – a magnetic sight words sentence set. I was uber-proud of him for picking up on the words so quickly, so on Tuesday morning during breakfast when he asked me to play the game with him, I […]

Birthday Boys!


I suck at birthday parties. Seriously. I think it’s awesome that moms have the energy and creativity and gumption to plan elaborate themed parties for their kids, but I’m just not one of them. But what I do love to do on birthdays? Take pictures! Nathan turned five on Friday, so it’s time for the […]

How Therapists Are Like Grandparents

2013/166 - Only Grandson

Have you ever noticed that therapists have a lot in common with grandparents? Over the weekend, I was preparing a talk I’m giving this week to a group of speech-language pathology graduate students. I was invited to speak because these are students who know a lot about the therapy side of things, but don’t yet have […]

Nathan: Full of Surprises


Way back in 2012, when Nathan was not-quite two and a half, his early intervention speech therapist was at the house. He was playing with one of his favorite toys at the time, a green-and-white Leapfrog My Own Leaptop. When he first got it, he loved it – probably because he thought he was getting […]