Last fall, we took the kids to their first Auburn football game.

I stressed about navigating Game Day in the days leading up to it, and parts of it were, without a doubt, a challenge. It was bittersweet and strange, but I was glad that we took them – so glad that we decided to go to another game this past weekend.

Our seats weren’t great – high in the upper deck, above the student section. The location was odd, because we couldn’t see and could barely hear the band that was directly below us. It was like we were watching the game in pseudo-isolation. But it was Auburn, and it was Game Day, and we were all there together, so that made it great.



Unlike last year, I didn’t fret about how we’d navigate the stadium. We had the loaner wheelchair, which weighs almost nothing and is easy for Sarah Kate to propel. We knew where to park, we knew where to get our elevator passes, and we knew where to stash the wheelchair while we were watching the game.

It was a piece of cake.

As much as I hate to admit it, I kind of love having that wheelchair. Sarah Kate has never had anything but a transport chair before; it’s a glorified stroller so she always had to have someone free to push her when she used it. It was no biggie when she was six, but at eleven it’s not much fun for her or for the pusher. More importantly, a transport chair screams dependence – the new chair provides freedom.


I tried teaching Sarah Kate a little more about football – I was already well versed in first downs, quarterbacks, and field goals when I was her age – and it sorta/kinda worked. She got a new watch earlier in the week and took a great deal of pleasure in setting it to match the pre-game countdown timer. Once the game started, she tried to keep up with the game clock, as well, and sorta/kinda succeeded for a quarter or so.


But quite possibly the highlight of the day was Nathan’s sudden decision to let us know whenever he had to go potty, and to keep his pull-up dry all the way up and back (four hours each way) in the car, as well as nearly the whole time we were in Auburn. He also learned what I was assured by Mr. Andi will one day soon be a valuable skill – the ability to pee between two car doors when in a public place without a bathroom nearby.


War Eagle, Y’all!



Sun-Beams is a collection of links to stories, articles, photos, or videos I have come across that I believe will inspire, inform, or encourage you, as well as my favorite photo posted on my other blog, Violet Film, from the past week.

According to Jenkins, Best to Keep a Person With Down Syndrome at Home – A spotlight on the letter to the editor written by the brother of the Frederick County Sheriff regarding the Ethan Saylor case. This kind of thinking is, unfortunately, still widespread.

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Learning When (Not) to Talk to Strangers About My Child’s Disability – Raise your hand if you’re a special needs mom and you’ve done what she did. I know I’m guilty.

Increasingly, Adults With Down Syndrome Face Alzheimer’s – A thoughtful look at the realities of this dreaded disease

Cerebral palsy doesn’t stop Zephyrhills High swimmer – Hoping this will be Sarah Kate in a few years!

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