It’s no secret that it’s been a rough summer.

Sarah Kate has handled everything like a trooper, but there’s only some sunshine you can muster when you’re an eleven year old girl cooped up at home being nagged by your mom into doing 45 minutes of exercises three times a day for weeks on end. But she’s been a trooper and it’s paid off – we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although she doesn’t have a lot of stamina yet, she’s able to do most of what she could do before, and her legs definitely look better.

On Monday evening, we gathered a number of friends – ours and Sarah Kate’s – for a party to celebrate the end of her rehab. As I said on Friday, she isn’t done-done with rehab, but the bulk of it is behind her. We kept it simple – pizza and cupcakes – and the kids romped around the playground, played football in the grass, and got wet in the splash pad (well, one small boy in particular did, anyway…)

Then came the main event.

Sarah Kate was oblivious, talking to a friend from softball, when a pickup truck pulled into the park behind the pavilion, towing a boat.


A man got out, walked over with a Mickey balloon, and handed it to Sarah Kate.


She had talked to the man earlier, but she didn’t think much about it – she assumed he was someone her daddy knew from work (because Mr. Andi seems to know everyone in town…)


But this man was not a friend of her daddy. He’s Mr. Ronnie and he was a representative of Magic Moments, a Birmingham-based nonprofit that fulfills dreams for Alabama children with life-threatening or chronic medical conditions, and he was there to share some exciting news with Sarah Kate.


She has been granted her wish of a Disney cruise!




A few months ago, right at the beginning of Sarah Kate’s rehab, her physical therapist made the recommendation. We were reluctant at first to fill out an application – weren’t there plenty of kids out there who were more deserving? – but she encouraged us. There’s a board that decides which children should receive a wish, and they would make that decision without us disqualifying ourselves right out of the gate. So we did, and I heard back from them within just a few weeks.

Mr. Ronnie escorted Sarah Kate to a small “cruise ship” (Mr. Ronnie’s boat), where Mickey and a few of his pals waited.




Nathan, of course, had to be a part of the action, but as you can imagine, he was more interested in attempting to drive the boat off the trailer.


Once on board, Mr. Ronnie shared with Sarah Kate all the details of her upcoming trip (mom, dad, and little brother will get the chance to go, as well). And do you know what’s going to make it even better? The cruise sailing dates are timed to coincide with the cruise my dear friend Katie and her family will be on, so Sarah Kate (and the rest of us) will have a friend on board.


I was so excited for her, but I have to admit that the whole thing was tough for me. I can’t help but feel like we’re not deserving of such a generous and wonderful gift. But I have to remember that it’s not about me. It’s about Sarah Kate and her having just a few days to relax and be a kid, and for us to support that by being relaxed ourselves.


If you’d like to learn more about Magic Moments, visit their website, and if you know of a child who is a resident of Alabama that could be served by Magic Moments, please take a few minutes to refer them.


— 1 —

I talked in general about 504 plans yesterday, but without many specifics. Sarah Kate’s 504 meeting was Wednesday, which, yes, is pretty quick for the beginning of the school year, but the start of school was a shock to everyone’s system and Nurse Heather pressed to get things set up quickly.

In short, the meeting was pleasant, everyone was in agreement, and we’ll see where things go from here.

— 2 —

The true crisis this week involved Sarah Kate’s lunch. Not bullies or mean girls or a painful stumble in the cafeteria, mind you. No, the crisis that has repeated itself several times in these first two weeks is caused by a potato, or, more specifically, a lack thereof. The students can choose the regular lunch from the daily menu or a loaded baked potato, but they must preorder the potato at the beginning of the day. Several times she’s ordered a potato but gotten stuck with a regular lunch.


“Mr. Grumpy Potato” – Courtesy banger1977/flicker

If in her mind that’s been the worst part of these first two weeks of school, I’m good with that.

— 3 —

The Great Loaded Potato Crisis of 2014 is an example of how “the sins of the fathers” can come full circle … or something. When my fine, upstanding citizen husband was in ninth grade, his school gave tokens to redeem for different items after the kids paid for lunch. The cafeteria would then know exactly how much of each item to have on hand. Mr. Andi decided to manufacture tokens in shop class in order to get free hot dogs and hamburgers that he and his friends didn’t pay for (necessarily shafting some kids out of the hot dogs and hamburgers they ordered and paid for).

This former leader of a lunch theft ring is now the father of my children.

— 4 —

College Football is HERE! Our beloved Auburn Tigers will play on the brand new SEC Network on Saturday afternoon and I’ll be … hoping to pick up the radio broadcast on a tiny handheld FM radio because I’m going to be so far off the grid I can neither watch it nor stream it.

But I’ll survive, because I’m going to be so far off the grid. :)

— 5 —

That’s right – I’m outta here! At least I will be in a few hours. I had such a great time on my last scrapbooking weekend (Unplugged! Off the grid! Beautiful surroundings! No children!) that I’m doing it again. Mr. Andi will have the kids all on his own until Monday morning, but then we’ll hit the ground running as soon as I arrive home, because…

— 6 —

We are having an End-of-Rehab Party for Sarah Kate on Monday. We’ve invited a bunch of our friends (“our” meaning families we know) to have pizza and cake at the park with the brand-new accessible playground. Although she’s not really done-done with therapy, and she still has a ways to go when it comes to stamina, she’s reached the point where she’s either doing or very close to doing most everything she could before the surgery, and we want to celebrate that achievement.

So can you guess what the subject of Tuesday’s post will be? ;)

— 7—

Our latest uber-ambitious project at Casa de Sligh? Fire Truck Loft Bed for Nathan!

Photo Courtesy Jeff McClure via Ana-White.com

Mr. Andi is 100% sure he can build it, but I’m only 60% certain he can do it, so I calculate the odds of us attempting it at 80%. Although the lunch theft racket lasted quite awhile, so that’s a dubious testament to his shop skills. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!

This post was inspired by and is linked to Conversion Diary‘s 7 Quick Takes.


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