Seven Snippets: Deja Vu, Swimming, and the Best Laugh Ever


— 1 — If you look at no other Snippets, don’t skip this one. Best. Laugh. Ever. A video posted by Andi Sligh (@andisligh) on Jul 20, 2015 at 11:29am PDT — 2 — Remember last year when I shared photos of a Real Live Blog Reader Christina that had contacted me about doing a […]

Sweat, Tears, and the Sea


This summer has been a struggle. It really shouldn’t have been. Compared to last summer, with Sarah Kate’s neverending rehab – Oh, the rehab! – and a trip I didn’t much want to take, and the shadow of Nathan’s failure to potty train looming over me, there’s no doubt this summer has been much easier. […]

Seven Snippets: In Which Sarah Kate Returns to the Pool for a Meet


— 1 — Remember when I told you I’d have a new post for Thursday? Yeah…didn’t happen. I’ve got a lot of thoughts marinating but they weren’t ready to come out yet, apparently. I will try again next week, although I am back with Snippets after an unusual hiatus (that’s something, right?) — 2 — […]

Doing the Charleston


It’s been two weeks since I last blogged – did you miss me? 😉 (FYI – it’s absolutely fine if the answer is, “You were gone? I didn’t notice.” I won’t mind.) On one level, I wanted to keep up my regular blogging schedule all summer long, and a part of me believed I’d do […]

LAST CHANCE! The Ultimate Photography Bundle Sale Ends Today!


Don’t forget! Today is the last day to pick up your copy of the Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle. Whether you just want to take better pictures of your kids, take amazing pictures to share with others, or even go professional, you won’t find a better deal anywhere. And…it’s going away in just  a few hours – […]

In Which I Get Real About My (Lack of) Talent


As of today, I have over 35,000 image files in my photo library, which would become unwieldy without the right tools and process to keep them organized. A lot of those images were good straight off the camera, but many were not, so I also need the right tool to fix them (or at least salvage them […]

Wordless Wednesday: Nathan the Photog


A few weeks back, I upgraded my old phone. It was the 2012-era iPhone 5 that I’d had roughly two and a half years. The top button hadn’t worked since at least spring of 2014, and while that repair would have been included under a special warranty extension, I never felt like sending it to Apple and […]