In Which Nathan Has Homework and I Manage to Survive


I had grand plans for a beautiful post with lots of photos today, describing how special it was to help Nathan – a Big Boy now! – with his homework. BWAHAHAHA! Just kidding, of course. Homework has been the bane of my existence since Sarah Kate was a wee lass in kindergarten in 2008. I […]

Our New Normal


Like moms everywhere, before I became a mom I had a vision of what motherhood would be like, and I also had a vision of what my kids would be like. If you’ve ever visited the blog before today, you know that the reality has been very different. Whereas I had dreamed of a car […]

The First Three Days: A Recap


When I last posted, I was wiping away tears as I drove away from Nathan’s school. My tiny little guy was suddenly A Big Boy and I had seven hours to kill before I went back to pick him up. But perhaps you are wondering how the story ends (well, not ends…the next installment would […]

The First Day


The day I’d been fearing finally arrived. Yesterday, I loaded the kids up and headed for (first) the middle school, then the elementary school. After going back and forth several times about whether it would be best to park in a disability space or just go through the regular line, we opted for regular line. All […]

Seven Snippets: Three Days Until School Starts


Hey Hey! The snippets are posting a little later than normal, but They. Are. Up. Three out of four of us have come down with a late summer cold – Sarah Kate is the last holdout. — 1 — The kids spent last week in Tennessee with Mr. Andi’s dad and his wife. Sarah Kate pretty […]

Why Monday Is Going to Be a Rough Day


Seven years ago, Sarah Kate started kindergarten. I was nervous. She had only learned to stand still without assistance that summer, and we were new in town. Mr. Andi had arrived in March, but Sarah Kate and I didn’t come until two weeks before school started. We didn’t know the teachers, the system, or a […]

In Between Tears at the Sleep Center


Hello, my friends! Your eyes are not deceiving you: I really am truly back – at least I plan to be. School starts on Monday and we’ll be back in a routine again which – I hope! – means I’ll have a little more time to think my thoughts and mop my floors and type […]

Seven Snippets: Deja Vu, Swimming, and the Best Laugh Ever


— 1 — If you look at no other Snippets, don’t skip this one. Best. Laugh. Ever. A video posted by Andi Sligh (@andisligh) on Jul 20, 2015 at 11:29am PDT — 2 — Remember last year when I shared photos of a Real Live Blog Reader Christina that had contacted me about doing a […]

Sweat, Tears, and the Sea


This summer has been a struggle. It really shouldn’t have been. Compared to last summer, with Sarah Kate’s neverending rehab – Oh, the rehab! – and a trip I didn’t much want to take, and the shadow of Nathan’s failure to potty train looming over me, there’s no doubt this summer has been much easier. […]

Seven Snippets: In Which Sarah Kate Returns to the Pool for a Meet


— 1 — Remember when I told you I’d have a new post for Thursday? Yeah…didn’t happen. I’ve got a lot of thoughts marinating but they weren’t ready to come out yet, apparently. I will try again next week, although I am back with Snippets after an unusual hiatus (that’s something, right?) — 2 — […]