— 1 —

It’s been a week of baseball here in Mayberry! The Dixie Youth 11-12 state tournament was held here from Saturday through yesterday and both of our local teams were in it – one as the host team, and the other as their district winner. Several of the players are the same kids who went to the World Series in Bartow, Florida two years ago (long time readers will remember that the kids and I spontaneously made the trip).

Sarah Kate and I went to all the games except for the first, and Mr. Andi and Nathan went to several, as well. Unfortunately, our guys were eliminated on Wednesday night – both of their losses were to the team who won the tourney on Thursday – so there won’t be a World Series repeat, but the age group just below them won their tournament (not held in Mayberry), so they’re headed to the World Series.

Baseball is big in Mayberry.

— 2 —

The Tuesday night Mayberry game had a two-hour lightning delay. We waited in the car for about an hour, then took the kids home – Sarah Kate had therapy early the next morning and Nathan had opted out of his nap. I took this photo with my phone will we waited:

Then I took this one a few minutes later:

There’s nothing technically great about it but I thought it was neat how much the sky was lit up (with no rain).

— 3 —

By Wednesday might, I was beginning to wonder if Sarah Kate was still as enthusiastic about baseball as she had been in the beginning. She was sitting in the bleachers in front of me during the game and was very quiet and still. In the bottom of the last inning, with Mayberry down, a friend of hers came to the plate. Out of the blue, I heard a familiar voice belt out at the top of her lungs, “GO MICAH!!!!!” and realized she was every bit as into it as I was … she has a little bit of her momma in her. :)

— 4 —

Nathan’s speech therapist is leaving to become a clinical instructor. I know. So sad. She is wonderful and we will miss her terribly, but we miss all of our former therapists (though some more than others – she will fall into the “more” category) and life goes on. God has provided the right person at the right time for my kids at every stage of their lives, and I’m sure he’ll do it again.

— 5 —

I need to share with you the freaky connection that I have with the speech therapist. It’s really unbelievable – like, Twilight Zone level of unbelievable. I’ve had it on my “blog post idea” list for awhile but I don’t want to share it publicly without asking her permission and I never remember to do that when I see her. Maybe she is reading. :)

It’s a really good story, I promise.

— 6 —

I have more Sarah Kate walking video! If you follow me on Instagram you saw it last night.

I am beginning to believe she might be able to do the Kids’ Mile in November.

— 7—

We have even MORE progress on the potty training front. Nathan has been going consistently on the big potty at home, and has also pee’d in public – at the ballpark and at therapy (and he really hasn’t been anywhere else other than church). It’s not a win yet, but it’s closer than we were a week ago.

Have a great weekend!

This post was inspired by and is linked to Conversion Diary‘s 7 Quick Takes.



Several weeks ago, I mentioned the idea of adding a “Throwback Thursday”-type post as a regular feature on the blog, since Nathan’s entire preschool-hood is documented here in photos but Sarah Kate got the shaft for the first seven years. crickets chirping I scrapped that idea but I’ve been doing some more organizing of my photos this week and couldn’t resist a Throwback Thursday.

Seven years ago this summer, Sarah Kate was just a couple of months older than Nathan and we traveled from north Alabama down to the Alabama Gulf Coast beaches. It was our preferred vacation getaway, but instead of a tiny condo on the tourist strip, we rented a small duplex off the beaten path, a few blocks from the beach – partly so we could bring our new puppy, Daisy, and partly so Mr. Andi would have somewhere to park his (then very tiny) boat for fishing.

We had no idea that trip would change our lives.

Our little duplex was in a neighborhood, and we had chosen to vacation in late August after school started back. It was on the corner at the entrance to the neighborhood, and the bus stopped every morning to pick up kids for school. It reminded us that, once upon a time, we had entertained the idea of living near the coast, but we never acted on it. Mr. Andi wasn’t happy with his job, so we decided he’d give it until the end of the year then look elsewhere if things didn’t pick up (his job then was heavily tied to real estate development, which never picked up…) By February, we were visiting Mayberry, looking at houses.

But in August of 2007, we were playing on the beach.

Please, physical therapists, pay no attention to the forbidden W-sit…


And visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo (i.e., The Little Zoo That Could from the show on Animal Planet) – yes, that is Chucky that Sarah Kate is looking down on!


And generally sweating our hineys off in the outrageous humidity that is coastal Alabama…


And trying our hands at a little putt-putt… I’m pretty sure this was the first time Sarah Kate ever played putt-putt; now she’s considering taking up golf when she’s a little more comfortably mobile.


And enjoying steamed royal red shrimp at what was our favorite seafood place (which has since relocated…we never missed going there when we came down on vacation,but haven’t eaten there a single time since they moved).


Seven years. A lifetime passed in the blink of an eye.



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