Talking with my Tee

I’m running a half marathon in November (and a full marathon in January, and another one in February, and probably another one in March, and possibly another one April).  In the past, my running “uniform” has most often been a blue top and pink running skirt, but I’ve branched out this year with a new hat that advertises, an online community of runners who happen to also love Disney.  Over the past two years (the past 12 months, especially), this community has been a great source of support both in my running and personal life, and I’m proud to wear the ROTE hat.  There’s one problem with the ROTE hat, though.  It’s red.  I never wear red.  I’ve tried pairing the red hat with some blue, but Andi’s Signature Blue isn’t great with red.  What to do?

So back to this half marathon in November…a local friend of mine has committed to running it with me (she calls me the cult leader for my ability to convince her to do it – I say she hasn’t seen cult until she’s met my ROTE friends!)  She did a Team in Training event last year, and suggested that we come up with our own T-shirts for a personal cause – Nathan.  I immediately thought of the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.  I researched to see if I could find a printer who would do small quantities of tech shirts (found one), then checked out the website to see if they had any print-ready graphics available (they did) and then tackled the hard part – how to personalize the shirt.  Fortunately, the typeface used in the logo was an easy one to duplicate – I just needed to come up with something to say.  And an added bonus – the campaign logo is red and gray, a perfect pair to my ROTE red hat.

Following is a rough mockup that I’ve come up with so far.  Let me know what you think!  And I’m not married to it, so if you’ve got any better ideas, feel free to comment or shoot me an email.