Seven Snippets Fridays: Volume 3

— 1 —

Remember last week when I talked about my worlds colliding? Well, it happened and I survived. Barely. :)  Family + ROTE running friends + Sigma Kappas + a long weekend = just enough time to see everyone and not nearly enough time to visit with anyone. And then there was that 8-hour long car ride home on Sunday – just me and Nathan.

— 2 —

And speaking of last weekend…my little sister ran her first half marathon and she ROCKED IT. I was so proud of her! She was hoping to break three hours before she started, then about midway through the race she adjusted her goal UP to 2:50. We finished together in 2:47.

— 3 —

And speaking of other things that I survived, but just barely…everyone in the house (except the dog) has had the stomach flu this week. It started with Nathan on Tuesday; I got up with it on Wednesday morning; Mr. Andi came down with it in the late afternoon on Wednesday, and Sarah Kate got hit with it at bedtime.

— 4 —

Our Buddy Walk story made the NDSS Buddy Walk blog! NDSS encourages people to submit for their My Great Story campaign and they publish one each Wednesday. I submitted a tweaked version of the blog post that I wrote about our Buddy Walk experience, and they published it on their blog last week. You can find it here.

— 5 —

My 365 photography project hit a snag last weekend. During the half marathon, Mr. Andi texted me. Apparently, when I emailed my Friday photo to the blog (my mode of upload while traveling), I picked the wrong email address.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I did text and email from my phone during the half marathon. I also updated my Facebook status. It’s a sickness.

— 6 —

Thanks to Ellen of Love That Max, we’ve been selected as a toy tester for her Special Needs Holiday Toy Guide. Sarah Kate will be testing a Roller Racer, and it arrived today. She wanted to take it out right away, but given that she tossed her cookies just a few minutes after it showed up on our doorstep, we told her she’d have to wait until tomorrow.

— 7 —

That crafty spurt that I had for awhile? Gone. It was fun while it lasted – camera bag purse inserts, camera strap cover, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm costumes… Now I just need to dig up enough motivation to use the leftover fabric from the foam inserts to make a camera strap cover that, you know, has a lens cap pocket big enough to actually hold a lens cap.

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