The Post That Sarah Kate Will Hate Me For When She Hits Puberty

Some folks are born with a highly evolved fashion sense.

My sister can throw together a fantastic outfit in less than two minutes, complete with accessories, and spend less than $10 on the whole ensemble.

Other people are weak in the fashion department.

I know my sister looks great in her bargain ensemble – I just can’t recreate it on my own body. People like me need a little help, which is why I almost never clothes-shop alone.

But there’s also a third type – the gal who has no fashion sense whatsoever and is completely unaware of it. My daughter, Sarah Kate, is one of these people.

Exhibits A-D, clockwise from the top left:

A. The off-the-shoulder look that appears to be a simple toddler-twisting-in-the-bed incident was actually repeated a number of times. I have several variations of this same basic image in a variety of pajama tops.

B. Neither Mr. Andi nor I are sure why she decided to convert a stuffed Elmo head purse into a top, but convert it she did, and wore it around the house for several days.

C. The headphones, tiara, sunglasses, and fairy wings are an eclectic fashion statement – and one of her better ensembles, I might add.

D. The tiara and fairy wings made a comeback, coupled with, um, pretty much everything she could find in the box of dress-up clothes given to her by Gramma. And some pajama pants.

I know what you were thinking when you saw Exhibits A-D.

“How cute! But, Andi – she was little then. Young ones aren’t expected to have fashion sense yet!”

Fair enough.

And so I present to you Exhibit E, taken less than two months ago. Cowboy hat, sports bra, athletic shorts, black socks with a glowing neon design, and brown boots. Mr. Andi and I dubbed it “Urban-Athlo-Cowgirl.”

Yes, she will kill me in a few years when she finds this picture on the interwebs.

When I see her put on an outfit like this one, I thank my lucky stars that she attends school in a district that requires uniforms.

The weekend battles that have been waged over the years regarding what, exactly, she is going to wear to church have been…interesting. It’s mind-boggling the number of horrid combinations she’s been able to create with her limited wardrobe.

But you know what? I love those crazy outfits. When she was younger, I worried almost daily that when she went to school kids would mock her because of her disability. Those crazy outfits – that she thinks are fabulous! – tell me that she doesn’t give a rip what anyone else thinks. She believes in herself and exudes a confidence I’ve never experienced in 42 years.

And I love her for it.


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  1. Wren says

    I think its wonderful, this confidence she oozes, her pride in her own style. I did it too and gave up because I did get made fun of for it…. when I should have toughed it out and stood up for who I was and what I liked.

    Don’t forget these will make great things to pay to have placed in the yearbook her senior year, too. :-) And to show off in a slide show at her rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. :-) If I had kids, I’d certainly do that to them. :-)

    Maybe places of work should have, every now and then, not just “casual Fridays” but “dress like no one’s looking Fridays” so we can all show off our inner Sarah Kate!

  2. says

    She won’t hate you any more than I hate my mother when she tells me an outfit I have planned would look better on someone else (and it’s usually one of my friends):)

  3. says

    Many famous fashion designers discuss having eclectic style as a child. Have you ever seen Patricia Field or Betsey Johnson’s outfits?!

  4. ~ Kim says

    This post made me LOL! When my daughter was about 3 and my son was less than a year my car broke down (in July in Florida) and I had to go into the Boys & Girls club to use a phone. Of course this happened on the ONE DAY I let my daughter wear a dress up wedding dress out of the house. I thought we would just be driving through the bank and she was really fighting me about wanting to wear it … with the jewelery and shoes and all. lol The girls at the Boys & Girls club LOVED it! They all crowded around her and kept saying how beautiful she looked and one even asked me “Is she putting on a play for us?!!” It reminded me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder … I love SK’s crazy outfits too!! Nothing is as beautiful as confidence!!

  5. Kate says

    I’m really glad there were no blogs when I was a kid or teenager lol.
    I feel sorry for kelle hampton’s kids especially

    • Andi says

      LOL! I agree! There are a few pics of me that I’d have been mortified if my mom posted them. In my defense, however, she usually forced the photos on me. Like that one of me wearing Underoos that I got for Christmas one year – she forced me into a superhero pose. Seriously. All I wanted was some Wonder Woman undies to wear in private.

      And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it. :)

  6. Kate says

    Aaand that came out wrong – I wasn’t saying anything about you. I think your kids are gorgeous and I love your blog :) And I agree that fashion designers often had eclectic taste as kids! You might have a future fashionista on your hands :)