Sun-Beams: March 25, 2012

Sun-Beams is a collection of links to stories, articles, photos, or videos I have come across that I believe will inspire, inform, or encourage you, as well as my favorite photo posted on my other blog, Violet Film, from the past week.

Cerebral palsy can’t stop this talented video creator – Technology is a key ingredient to success for those with disabilities living in our modern age.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein (The Little Couple) Want to Adopt a Child with Special Needs – Who else knows better the challenges of growing up non-typical?

UN Secretary-General’s Message on World Down Syndrome Day – Finally! Official recognition for 3/21.

Krewe of Muses, dance groups honor girl jeered during Mardi Gras parade – Think Mardi Gras is just an excuse for drunkenness and debauchery? For those of us who live along the Gulf Coast, it’s much more than that. How one stereotypical reveler almost ruined Mardi Gras for one family, and the Krewe of Muses righted his wrong.

Inspiring Hope One Step At A Time – An update on Angela Armenta, who ran the L.A. Marathon last weekend. Be sure to check out her website linked at the end.

Photo of the Week:


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    I watched The Little Couple last week when they had their home study. Clearly they’re meant for typical kids, even if the intent is to adopt a special needs child. Their house is perfect for a little person child…..