Seven Snippets: September 21, 2012

— 1 —

After obsessing for months about Nathan’s perceived speech delay, I realized this week that he can recognize the letters of the alphabet. My friend Beth tells me that letter recognition is an emerging skill at age 3. I have to say…I feel a good better now, even if he still can’t articulate many words.

— 2 —

Here’s the deal. I’m tired. I’ve been sick. My brain is not functioning on all cylinders. So this week’s Snippets are going to be of the photographic variety. If you follow Violet Film, you’ll recognize the photos I’m about to post. If you don’t…Yay Me! for giving you fresh content! :)

— 3 —

Just a bunch of toys lined up, until you realize that Nathan lines them up this way each time: backed in to their spaces. Mr. Andi, who is a regular “backer” showed him how to do it that way one time, and he’s done it ever since.

— 4 —

This time last year, Mr. Andi built a fence to contain Nathan. Um, yeah…about that….

— 5 —

I have nothing to say about “My Listening Ears.” When I picked him from school one day, he was wearing them. I could Not. Stop. Laughing.

— 6 —

Nathan has a talent for photo bombing. Yet, he rarely is still for a photo I want to take. Sigh.

— 7 —

Monday’s softball game got rained out, so tomorrow’s tournament will be the first game of the fall season. Wish us luck!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Mr. Andi says

    It dawned on me this morning what we have been feeling about Nathan and his speech. When SK was his age, she was focused on Articulation. Him? Acceleration….He’s just too busy

  2. Kelley says

    I worry everyday about Lacey’s Speech Delay. We had her Physical Therapist tell us a long time ago that Lacey is what she calls a “Gross Motor Kid” and that she has developed her Gross Motor Skills first and the other stuff will come, but she will have to slow down first. Her and Nathan would be the best buddies because I could see her right up there on that fence climbing and probably trying to figure out how to climb over it. She is a climber and she will try to climb anything and everything. Her words are getting better and lately here she is starting to say more sounds and words. Last night instead of making the sound of a bear she said “Bear” all because she wanted the Teddy Grahams. She also said “Smurfs” which she loves that movie and so of course we put it on for the 100th time. I am slowly learning what words I may think are important to learn are not the same for her, so I am trying to go with it on her terms and go with the words that she wants to try to say. If it involves food or “Shelly” our dog then we are good.