Seven Snippets: November 16, 2012

— 1 —

Remember our buddy sighting during this summer’s Mayberry Road Trip? Well, I heard from Noah’s mom recently and she wrote a blog post for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Take a minute and get to know Noah a little better.

— 2 —

Fresh on the heels of last week’s series of Snippets about Mr. Andi, I’ve got a new Mr. Andi story. Nathan’s preschool sent home little cardstock printouts of feathers last week. The idea was that we would help Nathan “decorate” his feather and all of the feathers would be used to decorate a giant turkey on the wall at school. Cute, right?

Mr. Andi retrieved a real turkey feather from his stash, stapled it to the cardstock feather, and stuck it in Nathan’s folder. Whatever works, I guess.

— 3 —

Remember when I said that I thought someone involved in the production of “Hart of Dixie” had visited Mayberry? Well, we don’t have the Memory Matrons, but we do have the dresses. Meet the Dogwood Trail Maids.

— 4 —

Did you know we have snow on the gulf coast? At least it looks like snow. :) It’s actually cotton and it’s gorgeous. I love living in Mayberry.

— 5 —

And while I’m on the subject of Mayberry, last night was the annual Lighting of the Trees. Our beautiful little town covers all of the trees downtown with Christmas lights from mid-November through the end of March. It’s beautiful to view, but lots of work to put up in the weeks prior to the Big Reveal (no surprise – Mr. Andi is in charge of said Lighting). It’s kinda hokey and kinda fun and just one of those things everybody comes out for because everybody comes out for it.

— 6 —

Now take a look at the photo above of the tree and the clock and tell me what you see. I’ve always known Sarah Kate was highly observant (a trait she gets from Mr. Andi, not me), but she picked up on something not even Mr. Andi had ever noticed about the clock – a landmark that sits at the main intersection in downtown Mayberry. Do you see it?

Still haven’t figured it out? I’ll tell you. The Roman numeral four isn’t an IV, it’s IIII. Whoops.

— 7 —

It’s become an annual tradition for me to participate in Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, and Nathan hasn’t missed one yet since he was in the womb (he “ran” the 5K and half marathon that year, and followed it up in the next two years with the Diaper Dash and the 100 meters). I signed up again for 2013, this time for the full marathon, and found out recently that Research Down Syndrome (RDS) is fielding a team this year!

RDS supports scientific studies directed towards understanding the sources of cognitive difficulties in persons with Down syndrome. RDS believes in the promise of a future where therapies will be available that will help improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome.

I’d love your support! Visit my fundraising page here.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. says

    Do you know why the 5 is written IIII? That’s something the Romans borrowed from the Jews. Jews are not allowed to write or say the name of G*d, so we usually make some substitution, like I just did! The unwriteable name is the Hebrew equivalent of the letters Y,H,V,H, which some have recast as “Jehovah” (not even close). When counting in Hebrew, the first 10 letters are the numbers 1-10. Then you combine letters so 11 is Yud Aleph (10+1) etc. Well, 15 and 16 should be Yud Heh and Yud Vav, but those would look like the Name, so we say Tet Vav (9+6) and Tet Zayin (9+7) instead.

    Well, the Romans worshipped Jupiter, and the first 2 letters ae IV (coincidentally also the equivalent of Yud Vav), so instead they write IIII.

    • Andi says

      Fascinating! After reading your comment, I googled the IIII vs. IV thing and apparently there are a number of different theories, but the one you posited about Jupiter is one of them. Thanks for the info!

    • Andi says

      HA! No, it’s the mayor’s gift to him every year. :) The electric department in Mayberry is in charge of a lot of things that their investor-owned utility brethren don’t touch.