Sun-Beams: 2012 Year End Edition

On most Sundays, Sun-Beams is a collection of links to stories, articles, photos, or videos I have come across that I believe will inspire, inform, or encourage you, as well as my favorite photo posted on my other blog, Violet Film, from the past week. I’m changing things up just a bit this week with a Bringing the Sunshine year in review instead: the top 12 posts published in 2012.

1. If God Only Gives Special Children to Special People, Who Gets the Boys? (January) – In which I describe in horrifying detail an incident involving Nathan’s diaper pail.

2. What to Say to the Parents of a Baby With Down Syndrome: Dos and Don’ts (February) – A primer for friends and family members of a family newly blessed with a child with T21.

3. The Post That Sarah Kate Will Hate Me For When She Hits Puberty (February) – Oh, yes I did.

4. A Special Needs Mom’s Heartache: Not What You Expect (March) – What the “typical” world needs to know about our special life.

5. What the Levy Wrongful Birth Case Told the World About Down Syndrome (March) – I’ll give you a hint: none of it was good.

6. Stay at Home Motherhood: The Third Way No One’s Talking About (April) – The Rosen/Romney controversy is old news now, but the issues it highlighted are still timely.

7. IDSC for Life: Common Ground and REAL Choice (June) – The one where I defend the IDSC and clear up the misconceptions about Nathan’s viral photo.

8. What I Don’t Understand: Abortion and IVF (July) – An honest plea for answers from you, my readers.

9. My Love/Hate Relationship With Swim Team (July) – The honeymoon is over for organized sports. :) If you’d like a more positive sports story, check out this one or read about my ongoing sports neuroses here. :)

10. The Gift of Baby Megan (August) – The angry post. Be sure to check out her dad’s blog, Miss Megan Clara, for an update on the baby whose prenatal diagnosis was so dire that her parents prepared for her funeral instead of her nursery.

11. The Heartache I Didn’t See Coming (November) – The Day the Braces Became a Burden.

12. Sarah Kate’s Birth Story: Part 1 (December) – I can only assume that with a little more time in the year, Part 2 and Part 3 would have hit the top post list, as well. The epilogue will be posted later this week.

Photo of the Week:

Okay, so this little cutie isn’t my kid, nor was it taken with my camera. In fact, she lives a long, long plane ride away and I’ve never met her in person. But I simply must take this opportunity during the Christmas season to celebrate Miss Megan Clara (a.k.a., “Baby Megan“).

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