Sun-Beams: January 6, 2013

Sun-Beams is a collection of links to stories, articles, photos, or videos I have come across that I believe will inspire, inform, or encourage you, as well as my favorite photo posted on my other blog, Violet Film, from the past week.

Unlikely basketball player takes his shot, and scores – Three cheers for Zach!

Go Talk to My Daughter – I can’t describe this one adequately in a sentence. Just read it.

Homecoming couple continue to inspire – A follow up to one of the numerous stories this year of teenagers with Down syndrome being crowned at Homecoming.

Is this the last U.S family to adopt a baby from Russia? – Heartbreaking news out of Russia that broke just before Christmas.

San Antonio couple gives adopted kids greatest gift of all – The amazing thing is, they were never sure they wanted children at all.

The Worst Thing in the World Almost Happened Tonight – This piece has nothing to do with special needs, but everything to do with parenting, and it spoke to me. Loudly.

Photo of the Week:

2012/365 - Angel


    • Andi says

      No, it isn’t (but I do need to shoot a similar photo with it). That ornament is Sarah Kate’s favorite – I painted it when I was a little girl.