Sun-Beams: May 26, 2013

Sun-Beams is a collection of links to stories, articles, photos, or videos I have come across that I believe will inspire, inform, or encourage you, as well as my favorite photo posted on my other blog, Violet Film, from the past week.

Vermont man uses martial arts to fight cerebral palsy – And his persistence is opening doors for others.

Down’s Syndrome twin refused help as brother is given grant – Hmmm….

The Power of Empathy – A powerful piece from a man with Asperger’s, courtesy of Special Olympics

Couple With Down Syndrome Gets Surprising Offer From Same Movie Theater They Say Mistreated Them – A positive follow up to a negative earlier story

Artist thrives, despite cerebral palsy – “Holland’s handiwork is really just the window dressing to a stunning life story.”

Photo of the Week: