Seven Snippets: Firsts, Lasts, and Rooster T-Shirts


Lane 5 – Pink Goggles

— 1 —

BREAKING NEWS! The nap may be on its way out. Every day this week, Nathan has either not napped or has taken an hour (in some instances two hours) to fall asleep at nap time. It’s the end of the world as I know it. The blog may die a slow death (or at least face a summer hiatus…) if he stops napping altogether.

— 2 —

Last night was a first for Bringing the Sunshine – I blocked a commenter. Apologies if any of you who commented on this post felt targeted. I very rarely delete comments, because I like to hear opposing viewpoints – gets me thinking! – but I have done it a few (VERY few!) times. It made me a little sad.

I have a Post-It note on the wall above my desk on which is written, “Don’t listen to people who aren’t saying anything.” Last night, I was glad that Post-It was there (and that I had posted a Comment Policy a long time ago). I could let this blog become one of those places where the author never responds to comments and people wonder if they even get read, but that’s not what I want for Bringing the Sunshine.

— 3 —

Good news! I’m not going to torment you nice folks with torturous swim meet posts anymore!

— 4 —

Bad news: I think swim meets are now a thing of the past. Sarah Kate still seems to enjoy swimming, but I’m pretty sure she’s “over” the meets so we’ve told her she can opt out and just do practices if she wants. It’s a bittersweet departure, because I’ll miss seeing her improve and watching her fight, but mostly I’ll just be glad to sit home in the air conditioning instead of tormenting myself (and Nathan) at the sweatfests known as Thursday night meets.

— 5 —

In an effort to help us avoid a return trip to Birmingham for a sleep study, the pulmonologist offered to let Nathan do an overnight pulse-oximeter dealio instead as a follow-up from his adenotonsillectomy. It went about how you’d expect, which is to say that it was an utter failure, with the added twist of having a defective lead. So, even if everything had gone perfectly, we still wouldn’t have had any results recorded on the meter. So, yeah, we’ll be heading back to Children’s Hospital shortly.

— 6 —

Any Arrested Development fans out there? I’m not watching the new episodes because (a) I canceled Netflix and (b) I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed, so no spoiler alert necessary. However, I came across – and subsequently ordered – The Most Awesome T-Shirt Ever (actually tied for 1st with a great shirt that Sarah sent me – unfortunately I don’t have a pic).

“A Rooster Development”

— 7—

And finally…thank you to everyone who answered my rhetorical question from yesterday’s post. I believe that may have been the most random, stream-of-consciousness post I’ve ever written, and it never dawned on me that my rhetorical question would actually elicit real responses. But I’m glad it did, because you all made my day!

Have a great weekend!

This post was inspired by and is linked to Conversion Diary‘s 7 Quick Takes.