Seven Snippets: September 13, 2013

— 1 —

Great News: Sarah Kate was the Most Beautiful Eyes state winner! Thank you to everyone who voted in support of my baby. Now we wait to hear if she advances to the finals… C’mon, c’mon, c’mon … momma needs a college scholarship!

UPDATE: You can view all of the state winners here.


— 2 —

On Monday night at softball practices, one of the moms told me she was hoping Sarah Kate would be on her daughter’s team … because she had talked to one of the other moms from the spring and she knows I take lots of pictures. :) Whatever it takes, my friends … whatever it takes.

— 3 —

Remember the story on weightlifter Jonathan Stoklosa that I linked in a recent Sun-Beams? Here’s a more in-depth and touching video feature on him. Click the video below or go here to watch.

— 4 —

After I hit “Publish” on Tuesday I was reminded of a third thing I hate: breaking the rules. I’ve always been a rule follower and people who flaunt the rules or believe The Rules Are For Other People drive me bonkers. I hate rule-breaking for its own sake, but I really hate it when other people notice and comment, because I know what they’re thinking – the same thing I would be thinking if the roles were reversed.

So here’s what happened: Sarah Kate’s school is overcrowded and in an effort to alleviate car line issues, they have extended the distance back that kids are allowed to get out – it used to stop where the sidewalk ended, but now they’ve extended it back by a few extra cars so the kids in the back walk across a section of grass. Not a big deal for most of them – it’s wet, though, and uneven, and the curb not only juts out toward the cars in that area, but is also slanted. So Sarah Kate has two bad choices: risk falling in the wet, uneven grass (been there, done that – twice), or stay on the pavement hugging very close to the cars in front of her until she reaches the sidewalk, which is dangerous because those drivers (and the teachers directing traffic) can’t see her.

On Tuesday, we were at the back so I told her not to get out – to wait and I’d just be the first car in the line for the next round of releases. Unbeknownst to me, the car behind me let her kid out (I’m fairly certain we were supposed to be the “last” car). To make a long story short, I had my window rolled down when we pulled forward and while we were stopped I heard her yell at the teacher standing next to my car about how I was supposed to have let my kid out at the back and didn’t. I cringed. But what can you do?

— 5 —

Did you see Part 2 of my series on friendship at yesterday? Last week’s article was on how friendships change when you become a special needs mom; this week I address the other side of the coin: how to be a “foxhole friend” to a special needs mom. Thanks again to my friend Ellen Seidman for the opportunity.

— 6 —

I’m on the lookout for a yoga DVD or program that Sarah Kate and I could do together. I’ve never been able to get into yoga much and I’m not real certain how to modify for her, either. But … she needs some stretching desperately and I think she’d be more amenable to it if she and I had some sort of routine we could do together. Oh, and nothing that’s 45 minutes to an hour long – that ain’t happening. :)

— 7—

Burn Notice finale. No spoilers in case you haven’t watched it. But, um…WOW. The final season started to wear on me a bit, but I’m glad I saw it through to the end.

— 7b—

If you haven’t taken my survey, yet – time’s running out. But no pressure. :)

Have a great weekend!

This post was inspired by and is linked to Conversion Diary‘s 7 Quick Takes.


  1. Holly says

    Oh I bet she was really unhappy when we did not hear the whistle while we chatted and our kids were the last to get out in the front of the line!!

    • Andi says

      Hmmm… I really don’t have any idea. I don’t think it was a Big Day kind of thing – she always knew she couldn’t run/jump/whatever. I do remember one time talking to her about having PVL (which she described as having “holes in her head” to friends) but I honestly don’t remember any specific occasion when we told her.

  2. Kylie says

    This might sound strange but have you tried a pregnancy yoga DVD? They generally are a bit easier on beginners and have a few options for those in different stages of pregnancy (or abilities) which might be useful. Otherwise Sonia Sumar’s Yoga for the special child book is great – can use for kids with hyper or hypotonia. Not sure if there is a dvd out there for that though but the pics are easy to follow.

    • Andi says

      That is an excellent idea! I’m aware of Ms. Sumar’s book but I have trouble with following a book. :) The pregnancy video could be the ticket, though. Thanks!