About Bringing the Sunshine

What’s In a (Blog) Name?

The blog’s name was inspired by a quote that I came across one day:

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

- Anthony J. D’Angelo

While I don’t have the first clue who Anthony D’Angelo is or what he stands for (Google told me something about collegiate empowerment…), I could identify with his little soundbite about remaining positive in the face of adversity.

Some people make it through a good portion of their life before being faced with disappointment and heartache.

Some people have eternally sunny dispositions.

Some people live their life without spending a lot of time worrying about the future.

I am not one of the above people.

I don’t believe that my life is difficult, but I’ve had my fair share of disappointment in the realm of parenting – a child born sleeping, infertility, a child with cerebral palsy, and another child with Down syndrome.  I know there are many people who wouldn’t want my life.

The great thing about challenges and disappointments, though, is that they teach you to appreciate the small things in life.  They open your eyes to what’s really important.  They force you to take a step back and consider how the circumstances of your life and the choices you make have an impact on others.  They encourage you to look inside yourself and evaluate your attitude and motivation.  They encourage you to look outside yourself and evaluate what you can do to make the world a better place.

I’ve faced disappointment and heartache.

I don’t have an eternally sunny disposition.

I worry a lot about the future.

But no matter what each day brings – no matter the weather – I always strive to bring the sunshine.

What’s the Purpose?

Bringing the Sunshine is a blog about the life of a family with two kids who have special needs.  Through words and images posted here, I strive to inform and inspire all types of people and advocate for individuals who are differently-abled.

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