Why Monday Is Going to Be a Rough Day


Seven years ago, Sarah Kate started kindergarten. I was nervous. She had only learned to stand still without assistance that summer, and we were new in town. Mr. Andi had arrived in March, but Sarah Kate and I didn’t come until two weeks before school started. We didn’t know the teachers, the system, or a […]

The Whole Picture | A Manifesto


A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think the old proverb means “I should spill a lot of words being critical of that thing I see in the picture” rather than it’s original meaning, that a complex idea or story can be conveyed with a single still image. If you […]

Education Expectations: What I Care About, and What I Don’t


On a recent episode of Mad Men, Pete Campbell’s ex-wife, Trudy, calls him in a tizzy because their daughter didn’t get into the school they expected. Not a college or prep school, mind you…preschool. One reason cited for Tammy’s failure was her lack of skill in the “Draw a Man” test. I was reminded of a discussion […]

On Perfection, Body Image, and Daughters


Kari Kampakis published a guest post on her blog yesterday by Emily Wierenga titled Please Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body – you may have seen it. The gist was that we shouldn’t pretend our daughter’s bodies don’t exist, because they do, and if we don’t speak to them about their bodies, then they’ll listen […]

I’m Heartbroken Today, and There’s Something I Want You to Know


Friends, my heart is broken today. On Tuesday, February 17, a friend of mine since elementary school decided this world would be better off without him. Exactly one month earlier, a college friend of mine made the same choice. The first blow hit me hard; the second one broke my heart. My friend Stephen was one […]

How to Be a Loser Tourist in NYC


I took a whirlwind trip to New York this week. I left around 9:00 on Monday morning and flew back on Tuesday, arriving home just after 9:00 p.m. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some tweets from me about what I was doing, but if not, I’ll be writing more about […]

Is Comparison the Thief of Your Joy?


Be honest. Recently, I was at the gym. Mayberry is an active community with a lot of retirees, so on weekdays I see a lot of them on the treadmills with a few moms like me sprinkled in. At 44, I’m no spring chicken, of course, but I’ve been a runner for a number of years […]

On Clouds and Sunshine

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It probably comes as no great shock to hear that I have struggled with the blog this summer. What you may not know is why. It’s not a lack of time or a shortage of topics that plagues me, but a fear of ripping off my emotional Band-Aids and letting the wounds ooze out onto […]

Time to Bleed

Six years. Over half of Sarah Kate’s life … All of Nathan’s (plus two years) … All of the time that we’ve lived in Mayberry  … One-third of the length of our marriage … That’s how long I served on the national council of Sigma Kappa sorority, and on Saturday night, that era came to […]