Our New Normal


Like moms everywhere, before I became a mom I had a vision of what motherhood would be like, and I also had a vision of what my kids would be like. If you’ve ever visited the blog before today, you know that the reality has been very different. Whereas I had dreamed of a car […]

Seven Snippets: In Which Sarah Kate Returns to the Pool for a Meet


— 1 — Remember when I told you I’d have a new post for Thursday? Yeah…didn’t happen. I’ve got a lot of thoughts marinating but they weren’t ready to come out yet, apparently. I will try again next week, although I am back with Snippets after an unusual hiatus (that’s something, right?) — 2 — […]

Why I Don’t Do Field Trips (and Barely Survived Shrek, Jr.)


At long last, Shrek, Jr. the Musical arrived. After four months of biweekly practices and four nights of four-hour rehearsals last week, Mr. Andi, Nathan, my mother-in-law, and I hauled our cookies to the Mayberry Civic Center for the production. The cast was large and ranged in age from 4th grade through 8th grade. Sarah Kate […]

The Evolution of an Unlikely Performer


Several weeks ago, when I picked Sarah Kate up from show choir practice, she was bubbling over with enthusiasm. She had decided to audition for a solo in the song “Don’t Stop Believin’”! I had a flashback to the first day of show choir practice, when she almost didn’t go – there were tears (her) and frustration […]

Sarah Kate and the Sheriff


It’s been a big week for Sarah Kate, and it ain’t over yet. Fresh off of Monday evening’s performance, Tuesday evening Sarah Kate came face-to-face with the sheriff. Each of the area schools was invited to nominate a student for the local Optimist Club’s Youth Appreciation Award, given to students who are outstanding achievers in […]

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Sarah Kate’s Performing Debut


Well, Sarah Kate’s performance didn’t quite go the way we had hoped. The original plan was to perform on Saturday at the opening of Earth Day festivities down at the pier, but it was canceled a few hours beforehand due to nasty weather. BUT! They did a “friends and family” performance at the end of rehearsal on […]

Sarah Kate’s Surgery Cocktail: One Year Later


One year ago today, we said goodbye to Sarah Kate as she was wheeled back for her multi-hour orthopedic procedure. It was the culmination of months of struggles, a trip to Minneapolis for a gait study, and a lot of prayers. The doctors considered two different options and ultimately recommended the more invasive of the two because they […]

Gone But Not Forgotten…Take Two, Times Two


A few weeks ago, we sold Sarah Kate’s softball gear. We kept her glove and her first bat as memorabilia, but the other bat, her helmet with the giant “Kat” sticker, and the gear bag went to a first-time player – the daughter of a friend of a friend of mine. I was sad to […]

The Kids Crash the Pirate Dash!


The first-ever Pirate Dash 5K and Fun Run were held this past Saturday in Mayberry. It was a fundraiser for the PTC for the two schools that cover grades kindergarten through sixth grade, so it was heavily promoted to the students. Sarah Kate’s school running club, in particular, had trained specifically for this event. Unfortunately, […]