Holy Cow! My Baby Girl is TWELVE!


I wish I could keep myself from saying it, but I can’t. Where has the time gone? From that tiny wisp of a thing roughly the size of a beanie baby… … to the big blue eyes and almost no baby fat… … to the preschooler who found a workaround for walking … … to […]

Sarah Kate’s New Wheels!


At long last, it has arrived! Two months and a hefty co-pay after we started this process, Sarah Kate is now the proud owner of her very own, not-a-hand-me-down, well-fitting custom wheelchair. You’ve seen the old (loaner) chair in photos when we were at Disney and at her band debut but I thought a closer look might […]

Saturday’s Race: In Sarah Kate’s Words


As I mused last week, Sarah Kate has reached the age now where I feel like, more and more, she needs to be the one telling her stories. It shouldn’t just be me, because I’m not living them the way she is (although one astute reader gave me a great reason to keep going). So […]

Finish Strong. Never Stop.


Seriously, folks. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Sarah Kate made a return to Walt Disney World this past weekend to attempt the Kids’ Mile for the second time (Spoiler: she finished it). If you need to get caught up, read my original blog post about the first attempt here or go watch the […]

The Rolling Clarinet


Sarah Kate made her band debut on Friday night. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade band students were invited to participate in the pre-game spirit tunnel and first half pep music at the Mayberry football game. Participation wasn’t mandatory, so I was glad Sarah Kate wanted to join in. Things got off to a rocky […]

Sorta-Confessions of a CP Parent


A couple of years ago, Sarah wrote a post, Confessions From a CP Adult, that I saved to my “Post Ideas” notebook in Evernote. I have dozens of ideas, going back over three years, in that notebook, most of which I will never use. But I re-read Sarah’s post recently and in light of the fact […]

A Magic Moment for Sarah Kate


It’s no secret that it’s been a rough summer. Sarah Kate has handled everything like a trooper, but there’s only some sunshine you can muster when you’re an eleven year old girl cooped up at home being nagged by your mom into doing 45 minutes of exercises three times a day for weeks on end. […]

A Taste of Freedom Once Again

Remember when Sarah Kate first experienced freedom? That three-wheeled bike allowed her to ride around the neighborhood, check in with her friends down the street, and just generally be part of regular kid life in a middle-class subdivision. It was a dream realized not just for her, but for me, as well – not an […]