Both of my kids are the inspiration for this blog, but Nathan was the catalyst. In the beginning, it was a place where I – a mom who’d just been surprised with a second child with a disability – dumped my thoughts, my family and a few friends read them, and I went on about my […]

We’re Still Whacking the Moles Around Here


Did you miss me on Tuesday? I missed you guys, and unfortunately…I’m going to be missing you a little bit longer. One of the most vile GI bugs I’ve heard about it in awhile has been making the rounds down here and took our family out – all four of us, Mr. Andi and within […]

The Kids Are All…Wright?


Many times I’ve said to myself, “Our family could be a reality show.” Between Sarah Kate, Nathan, Mr. Andi’s adventures, and the dogs, we could entertain families across the nation for at least a couple of seasons – even if we only covered the stories related to food and poop (TMI?) But while our life […]

What You Said on the Bringing the Sunshine Survey!

HINT: ↑↑↑↑↑

I’ll be honest – when I posted the reader survey a few weeks ago, I wondered if I’d have more than a couple of dozen responses, and I was a little bit afraid of what the responses I did receive would tell me. I know what I think about the blog, but I had no idea if […]

A New Year’s Exploration!

Photo Courtesy Marwa Morgan/Flickr

Can I just tell you how much I appreciate all of you? I know I throw in a Thanks! for things every once in awhile, but I truly do not tell you enough how thankful I am for all of you who read, comment, and tell your friends about us. Sometimes it’s tough for me to […]

2014: The Year of Sarah Kate


I’ve been blogging in my little corner of the interwebs for almost five years – unbelievable! What started as an outlet has grown into something I never could have envisioned when I signed up for that first Blogger account so long ago. It’s become a tradition for me to provide a recap of each year’s […]

DVR Alert: Who Cares About Kelsey?


One of the toughest things about Disability World is the way that some people react to my children’s disabilities. Sarah Kate’s gait is distinctive, and Nathan’s facial features scream “Down syndrome!” It’ll always be that way, for me and for them. Visible disabilities carry a stigma, plain and simple. But in some ways I’m thankful […]

A Little Sunshine Around the Web

I sat down to write today’s post and the stars aligned … but not in a good way. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but a splitting headache combined with a laptop temper tantrum made me want to throw up my hands and cry Uncle! Mr. Andi, sensing my plight, suggested that I take […]

Tell Me What You Want to Hear


Happy Thursday! Yep, I finally did it. I got a photo of me with both kids. It’s not sharp, you can see a lot more of Sarah Kate’s neck than is optimal, but after being asked for a photo of me with both kids THREE TIMES in the past month, I finally got one that […]