DVR Alert: Who Cares About Kelsey?


One of the toughest things about Disability World is the way that some people react to my children’s disabilities. Sarah Kate’s gait is distinctive, and Nathan’s facial features scream “Down syndrome!” It’ll always be that way, for me and for them. Visible disabilities carry a stigma, plain and simple. But in some ways I’m thankful […]

A Little Sunshine Around the Web

I sat down to write today’s post and the stars aligned … but not in a good way. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but a splitting headache combined with a laptop temper tantrum made me want to throw up my hands and cry Uncle! Mr. Andi, sensing my plight, suggested that I take […]

Tell Me What You Want to Hear


Happy Thursday! Yep, I finally did it. I got a photo of me with both kids. It’s not sharp, you can see a lot more of Sarah Kate’s neck than is optimal, but after being asked for a photo of me with both kids THREE TIMES in the past month, I finally got one that […]

There’s Sunshine Behind the Clouds: Now Available for Kindle!


Can you see me doing my happy dance? WOOT! I’m excited to announce that my ebook is now available for Kindle! It’s called There’s Sunshine Behind the Clouds: Surviving the Early Years as a Special Needs Mom and you can grab it for just $0.99! About the Book There’s Sunshine Behind the Clouds: Surviving the […]

It’s Here! My New FREE E-Book!

Have you ever boarded a flight when the weather was nasty? From the ground, the sky was dark and it may even have been storming. It was one of those dismal, gloomy days when all you want to do is go back home, climb in bed, and wait for the sun to come out again. […]

I’m Looking for a Few Good Moms!

"What the heck does a random beach photo have to do with anything?"

Or dads. I’ve had an idea for a new project in the back of my mind for awhile, and finally decided to go for it. My idea? Publish an e-book for parents of children with special needs, geared toward those for whom the diagnosis is still new and whose children are still young. The hardest […]

Ultimate Blog Swap: A Day With Carl {Crafting With Kids}

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Call Her Happy about “Your Family’s Story in Photos: Why You Should Consider a 365 Project”, and I’m excited to welcome Anna Culp of Wise Owl Baby to Bringing the Sunshine. I only peek into Andi’s life through her blog, but […]

Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About You!

2012/65 - Daddy's Home!

You guys know a lot of random stuff about me, but I’m interested in learning more about those of you who visit Bringing the Sunshine. We’re building a little community here, so I want to know  you better, and I’d love for my readers to get to know each other, as well. So, whether you’re […]

Gifts With Heart: Benefiting People With Special Needs


I’m not sure if it’s a function of the economy, my age, or something else altogether, but I’ve been looking for more unique gift ideas this year – “unique” meaning “not from a big-box store” and preferably a gift with purpose. If you’re looking for something similar, check out one of the ideas below. Note: […]

Guest Post: Seeing Life Through an Attic Window


The following is a guest post by Teresa Trent. Teresa’s son, Andrew, has Down syndrome and is also on the autism spectrum. Teresa is the author of A Dash of Murder, a mystery that takes place in Texas during a paranormal investigation which is currently available for Kindle on and includes a character with […]