Other Sunshine

Seven Snippets: An Announcement, #WhyIRunDisney, and an X-Ray of Rapunzel’s Hand

April 3, 2014

— 1 — Yep, I know it’s not Friday, the regular Snippets day. But I’m taking a sorta-kinda break from blogging for the next few weeks to regroup, recharge, and tackle some upcoming challenges. I’ll still be around here and there, but not necessarily on my typical Tuesday-Thursday-Snippets-SunBeams schedule. — 2 — Nathan has picked […]

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Zero Snippets

March 28, 2014

Seven Zero Snippets today – sometimes you’ve just gotta know when to throw in the towel and say, “Enough!” I had a minor surgical procedure on Tuesday that went (mostly) okay, but then a horrendous stomach bug made its way through all four human family members – started with Nathan, then moved to me, then […]

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Seven Snippets: Fire Ants, Alligators, and runDisney Comes to Town

March 21, 2014

— 1 — It’s not the cold, it’s the humidity. Sarah Kate and I thought we might freeze in Minnesota – every time we left the hotel we looked like we were headed to the frozen tundra when everyone else was wearing jackets. But by the time Tuesday rolled around, we were over it. We […]

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Our Minnesota Adventure, Part 3: The Pendulum Swings

March 20, 2014

On Tuesday morning (and Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, and Monday morning), Sarah Kate had the same breakfast: a giant pile o’ bacon and a chocolate donut. Given that chocolate bacon donuts are a thing these days, I guess it’s not all that odd (she did eat them separately, at least). Her plate was a culinary […]

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Seven Snippets: A Last-Minute Lent Sacrifice, Hibachi Birthdays, and The Little Guy Hacked My Twitter

March 14, 2014

— 1 — I picked something a little odd to give up for Lent – and it’s been a challenge. I’ll admit to being a bit of a slacker in that I didn’t have any (good) ideas before Lent began. Giving up Dr. Pepper has been one of my mainstays, but I’ve gotten to the […]

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Six Reasons Jennifer Fulwiler Should Visit Mayberry

March 11, 2014

Did you see Jen’s survey about her (possible) book tour? Well, I did, and I think Mayberry is the IDEAL locale for her to visit … and Mr. Andi agrees. So consider this post my mini-campaign to get Jennifer Fulwiler to Mayberry! Mayberry is the home of Archangel Radio, the first Catholic radio station along […]

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The Other – Much Less Dramatic But No Less Fun – Disney Kids Race

March 4, 2014

What can I say about Nathan’s race, which immediately followed Sarah Kate’s triumph? He was ready to go. Or at least he was ready to give a thumbs up. And based on the graph her Fitbit generated, I think he and Katie ran at least a mile in the corral waiting on us before his […]

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Seven Snippets: More On Friday’s Race, The Overlooked Child, and Nathan Makes His Move

February 27, 2014

— 1 — I got a great email this week from Laura-Lee Minutello, Ms. Wheelchair Florida 2012. She has completed a number of races – 5Ks, 8Ks, and 10Ks – and was registered for the Princess Half Marathon last weekend. Her training didn’t go as well as she had hoped, so she knew she wouldn’t […]

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February 25, 2014

I teased our trip to the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend with the photo in this week’s Sun-Beams and also in the Snippets on Friday, and as much as I’d like to give you the whole story today, we just drove back in last night and I don’t have enough functioning brain cells to do […]

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Seven Snippets: The Wrong Races, Egging, Angry Medicine, and Things to Do in St. Paul, Minnesota

February 21, 2014

— 1 — Sarah Kate’s former softball coach contacted me this week. According to her, everyone has been asking about “Kat” and why she isn’t playing softball this spring. She wondered if Sarah Kate might be interested in throwing out the first pitch on opening day next weekend. Awesome. — 2 — The kids and […]

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