Other Sunshine

Inner Beauty Beach: The Return

July 29, 2014

A month ago, I stated that we wouldn’t go to the beach this summer. I was sure the only time my toes would sink in the white-sand beaches and my clothes would smell like the salt air would be the day that my friend Leigh Ann eloped on our favorite beach. Mr. Andi was only slightly more […]

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Seven Snippets: Baseball, Losing Your Therapist, and Potty Progress

July 25, 2014

— 1 — It’s been a week of baseball here in Mayberry! The Dixie Youth 11-12 state tournament was held here from Saturday through yesterday and both of our local teams were in it – one as the host team, and the other as their district winner. Several of the players are the same kids […]

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Seven Snippets: The #PopeCup, The ESPYs, and Recommend a Book for Me

July 18, 2014

— 1 — I’m a few days late, but the #PopeCup memes are still funny, right? This one was my fave:   — 2 — I need a book recommendation. I haven’t been too enthused about anything I’ve read lately, with a few exceptions: the Hunger Games Trilogy (that I finished over a year ago), […]

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Midsummer Miscellany

July 15, 2014

Summer is over half gone. For us, at least, because the kids get out of school in May and start back in mid-August, which actually makes us past the halfway point, though we’re less than a third of the way into what’s consider summer by the weatherman. Normally I’d save my “odds and ends” for […]

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Seven Snippets: Frozen Parodies, Bloody Noses, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper

July 11, 2014

— 1 — Do you wanna have some broccoli? It doesn’t matter. You want to watch this video about it, at a minimum. The Christmas Jammies people have struck again, and they may tempt you to co-opt some other Frozen favorites. — 2 — So I finally read Pride and Prejudice… I liked it, but I […]

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Seven Snippets: Diva Pirate, Wheelchair People, and Lutzie

July 4, 2014

— 1 — I completely forgot to share “Diva Pirate” with you last week! I had such an unbelievable 48 hours while I was Vegas, so it was easy to forget, but I can’t pass on sharing it just because I forgot. When I was in Vegas two weeks ago, one of the convention events was […]

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Seven Snippets: An Unbelievable 48 Hours, A Very Tiny Watermelon, and The Long-Awaited Mr. Andi Story

June 27, 2014

— 1 — Last Wednesday in Vegas, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery and her precious mom, Patti. I also had the privilege of introducing Glennon  as our keynote speaker and presenting her with Sigma Kappa’s prestigious Colby Award. — 2 — On Thursday, I met Miss America, Nina […]

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Vegas, Baby!

June 17, 2014

I’m going to Vegas, Baby! Flying out today to spend several days with my sisters, and I’ve been so busy getting ready for the trip (and helping Sarah Kate with her thrice-daily therapy sessions…) that I had to give up on my notion of pre-scheduling posts this week while I’m gone. If I can find […]

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Seven Snippets: Better Late Than Never

June 13, 2014

— 1 — Worst snippet ever: an admission I am very late getting these up today. Sometimes you just gotta do the best you can, and this is the best I could manage this week! — 2 — Here’s a common scene in my house at night. We don’t shut Nathan’s door when we put […]

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Seven Snippets: Holy Water Fonts, Cesar Millan, and Mr. Andi Confesses to a 20 Year Old Crime

June 6, 2014

— 1 — Long story short – I’ve been doing some photo organizing, and I’ve rediscovered some gems. Let’s start this week’s Snippets with a photo of Sarah Kate when she was about the same age that Nathan is now. Seems we should have known back then that she’d one day be living in Mardi […]

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