Meet Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate was born in late 2002, ten weeks premature due to an unexplained placental abruption.  She was very small, even for her gestational age, but pretty much sailed through the NICU.  When she came home for good, she weighed only 3 pounds, 14 ounces.  Although it would be a few more years before we were officially given the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, her little legs were tight even then and we were given exercises to do with her before she ever left the hospital.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term for a condition that essentially means “her brain keeps her muscles from working the way they’re designed”.  Learn more about cerebral palsy from United Cerebral Palsy.

Sarah Kate is a superstar around town.  Everyone knows her.  Everyone loves her.  She has always been a happy child, and has never once felt sorry for herself.  She loves life.

Sarah Kate loves to scrapbook.

Sarah Kate enjoys taking photographs.

Sarah Kate is on the swim team and plays rec league girls softball.

Sarah Kate’s favorite flavor of ice cream is Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip.

Sarah Kate loves to laugh.

Cerebral palsy is something that Sarah Kate has, not what she is.

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