The Cherry on Top of An Ice Cream Sundae Week

Fan photos with the team.
Arkansas vs Auburn Softball on Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Auburn, Ala.  Anthony Hall/Auburn Athletics

On Friday, we dropped the dogs off for boarding, loaded up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, checked the kids out of school a little early, and headed for Auburn, Alabama. It was a combo mini-cation, visit with extended family, cousin birthday party, race, cheer the home team, and support the local boys trip (although the […]

Sarah Kate and the Sheriff


It’s been a big week for Sarah Kate, and it ain’t over yet. Fresh off of Monday evening’s performance, Tuesday evening Sarah Kate came face-to-face with the sheriff. Each of the area schools was invited to nominate a student for the local Optimist Club’s Youth Appreciation Award, given to students who are outstanding achievers in […]

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Sarah Kate’s Performing Debut


Well, Sarah Kate’s performance didn’t quite go the way we had hoped. The original plan was to perform on Saturday at the opening of Earth Day festivities down at the pier, but it was canceled a few hours beforehand due to nasty weather. BUT! They did a “friends and family” performance at the end of rehearsal on […]

On Perfection, Body Image, and Daughters


Kari Kampakis published a guest post on her blog yesterday by Emily Wierenga titled Please Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body – you may have seen it. The gist was that we shouldn’t pretend our daughter’s bodies don’t exist, because they do, and if we don’t speak to them about their bodies, then they’ll listen […]

Seven Snippets: Surviving Spring Break Edition


— 1 — Spring Break, Woo Hoo! (Please tell me someone gets that reference!) I had big plans for spring break this year – spring cleaning was first on my list. I was going to scrub baseboards, wash windows, clean appliances…the house was going to look great when I got done! But then reality hit. […]

Sarah Kate’s Surgery Cocktail: One Year Later


One year ago today, we said goodbye to Sarah Kate as she was wheeled back for her multi-hour orthopedic procedure. It was the culmination of months of struggles, a trip to Minneapolis for a gait study, and a lot of prayers. The doctors considered two different options and ultimately recommended the more invasive of the two because they […]

Hallelujah! He Is Risen! (And Holy Week 2015 ROCKED!)


We did it! We made it through Holy Week 2015 without any contagious diseases, hospital visits, dying pets, or surgeries. Thanks be to God! We went to the Easter Vigil this year on Saturday evening, which was so great in a lot of ways (see more on that further down), but the one thing I […]