Trick or Treat: People with Down Syndrome Look the Same

Down syndrome, baby, boy

As part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I’m posting a series, “Trick or Treat,” throughout October to expose some myths about Down syndrome. I hope that you’ll find it helpful and informative. Myth: People with Down syndrome all look alike. Truthfully, anyone who has followed this blog for any period of time already knows that […]

Monday Montage: “The Street”


Sesame Street debuted its 42nd season last Monday, and Nathan and I were ready. To read more about my love for Sesame Street (passed down to both of my children), check out my post, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

31 for 21: Down Syndrome Awareness Month


October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and many of us who have loved ones with Trisomy 21 will be donning our sneakers to join a local Buddy Walk. The bloggers among us are also taking part in a 31-day challenge: to blog every day during the month of October in an effort to raise awareness […]

On His Own Timetable

Today was the thirty-fifth running of the Marine Corps Marathon in the metro D.C. area.  The 2009 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) was the last marathon that I ran, and it was the day that I announced to the world that I was pregnant.  My friend Katie found out when she picked me up at the […]

Happy Halloween

Yes, I know it’s October 30th, but our neighborhood had a little get together (complete with jump-jump) and then everyone trick-or-treated early.  Never fear, however, as we will leave the light on tomorrow night.

I’m Back (to Running)

Before I got pregnant (surprise!) with Nathan last year, I signed up to run two marathons, the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., and the Walt Disney World Marathon. I was doing speed workouts and had a fairly aggressive training schedule in order to attain the time goal I had set for myself. My longer-range […]


The following video surfaced today and all I can say is that I am completely and totally speechless (actually, that’s was true when I initially watched it, but 20 minutes after the initial viewing I can now think of LOTS of things I’d like to say to Mr. Reilly).  I’ll just leave it at this: […]

The Bottom Line

When you are the parent of a child with special needs (or two children, in my case), you become a member of a secret society. You had no idea you were to be tapped for induction into this group, and you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have said “yes” if you’d been asked beforehand if you […]