Tri, Tri Again (The Triathlon, Part 2)

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For Part 1, check out last Thursday’s “Might As Well Tri” I woke before the alarm went off at 4am and headed into the bathroom to get dressed. Mr. Andi emerged shortly thereafter and assured me that he was better and we would be doing the triathlon. I applied my tri-tats and headed to the […]

Might As Well Tri (The Triathlon, Part 1)

triathlon, mag trainer, bike

My enthusiasm following Sarah Kate’s stellar swim meet performance earlier this summer led me to proclaim on Twitter that when my friend Donna completed the Chesapeake Bay Swim, I would commit to a triathlon. She did it, so… It. Was. On. Given that I’m a marathoner, it seems logical that I’d want to move up […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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I stood next to the dresser we’ve been using as a changing table and looked down at the vomit on Nathan’s and my shirts and pants. #$@! It was one of the first cool mornings of the fall and, knowing it was going to warm up later, I had very few options for dressing him. […]

A Beach, A Booth, and a Moment of Clarity

children, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome

This week is spring break, and as luck would have it, my dad and stepmom came down to the beach for a few days for a conference. My former-school-administrator dad now works for an architect, marketing their services to schools, so he was manning a vendor booth between sessions. They came through and picked up […]

Set Apart: A Primer for The Typical Folks

Down syndrome, almond eyes, r-word, special needs

After the overwhelming response to my guest post on Beth’s page, I’ve had a number of people contact me asking if they could link or repost my article.  Because of that, I’m reposting the piece in full here.  Feel free to link up, share, or quote if you like (I’d appreciate a nod to my […]

Four Things I Learned While Spring Cleaning

Three years ago, Mr. Andi accepted a job here in Mayberry, about 350 miles from where we were living. We moved our (then) family of three into a rental house with just the essentials while we tried to sell our house. Several months later, we did sell it but closed the week of Christmas, which […]

Running My Own Race

It’s been a month now since I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon and I have another marathon on my schedule for this Sunday, so it’s high time that I either blog about it or make a conscious decision that I’m not going to blog about it. Even though this wasn’t my first marathon, they […]

A Day in the Life of Andi

5:58 a.m. Hear Nathan’s morning grouching on the baby monitor. $#@! Fall out of bed and walk like Frankenstein to the bathroom to relieve my bladder and find my slippers. 6:09 a.m. Fling various questions and instructions at Sarah Kate (Did you brush your teeth? Have you made up your bed? Please stop talking and finish […]

10 Reasons I’m Not the Mom That Some People Think I Am

If there’s anyone left out there who is under the mistaken impression that I am super-mom, a saint, or filled with a limitless capacity for caring, empathy, patience, or motherly perfection, I am officially declaring today that I Am None of Those Things.  Not only am I declaring it (envision Michael Scott), but I have […]