Sweat, Tears, and the Sea


This summer has been a struggle. It really shouldn’t have been. Compared to last summer, with Sarah Kate’s neverending rehab – Oh, the rehab! – and a trip I didn’t much want to take, and the shadow of Nathan’s failure to potty train looming over me, there’s no doubt this summer has been much easier. […]

Inner Beauty Beach: The Return


A month ago, I stated that we wouldn’t go to the beach this summer. I was sure the only time my toes would sink in the white-sand beaches and my clothes would smell like the salt air would be the day that my friend Leigh Ann eloped on our favorite beach. Mr. Andi was only slightly more […]

Seven Years Ago: Sarah Kate Gets a Throwback Thursday


Several weeks ago, I mentioned the idea of adding a “Throwback Thursday”-type post as a regular feature on the blog, since Nathan’s entire preschool-hood is documented here in photos but Sarah Kate got the shaft for the first seven years. crickets chirping I scrapped that idea but I’ve been doing some more organizing of my photos […]

Weekend Photo Dump


Mr. Andi’s aunt and uncle came to visit us in Mayberry this weekend, so between that, all the fun we were having, and the fact that I’m in the home stretch on finishing up The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (excellent and terrifying book, by the way…), I’ve opted not to write a lengthy […]

Inner Beauty Beach

seagull, disability, beach

Bathing suit season for me, like many women, is used to be stressful. It’s a lot easier to hide the imperfections I loathe when I can cover them up with regular clothes. Swimsuits are the great equalizer. Before we lived along the coast, Mr. Andi would humor my fretting over my swim suit before every […]

How Beach Sand Is Like an Extra Chromosome

Nathan, beach

I sit in a mildly uncomfortable chair with Nathan in my lap and begin to sing to him. In the beginning, he is all smiles, signing a random word here and there in the lyrics – day, down, pray – and swaying back and forth vigorously. After a few minutes, I ask him for a […]

Loving the Beach, Without Hesitation

Sarah Kate, 2007, beach, cerebral palsy

We moved to Mayberry, near the gulf coast beaches, four years ago, and we vacationed on these same beaches for over a decade before that. During that previous decade-plus, we had often talked about moving near the coast, and after a beach trip in late August of 2007, we decided to do it. I love […]

Beaches, Buddies, and the Undercurrent of Down Syndrome

beach, Nathan, action, 2012

One of the best things about living near the coast is that we can head to the beach for the day without the need for reservations. We did just that on Saturday and again on Monday, loading down the family wagon with towels, sunscreen, and various other beach accoutrements. We parked at a semi-secluded public […]

A Beach, A Booth, and a Moment of Clarity

children, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome

This week is spring break, and as luck would have it, my dad and stepmom came down to the beach for a few days for a conference. My former-school-administrator dad now works for an architect, marketing their services to schools, so he was manning a vendor booth between sessions. They came through and picked up […]