A Day Two Hours in the Life


6:10 a.m. Wake to the pitter patter of little feet. See a small shadow dart into my bedroom, snatch Mr. Andi’s Kindle Fire off the nightstand, and make a break for the living room. Weigh the possible ramifications of ignoring the thief and going back to sleep. Drag myself out of bed and recapture the […]

One Month Later: The Unintended Consequences of the Big Boy Bed

2012/287 - Big Boy Bed

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked in the Snippets about how “well” nap time was going, now that Nathan has moved to a big boy bed? No? Well, never fear, because today you’re getting the play-by-play. I am happy to announce, however, that bedtime at night is going swimmingly. No more three strikes […]

Holiday Road: Lessons in Grandparents, Holidays, Toddlers, and Cake Pans


Despite my steadfast declarations that we’ll always stay home for Christmas, some branch of my family tree manages to exploit a loophole every year. This year, my dad and stepmom were the culprits, planning a family reunion at their house this past Sunday. Given that my dad and his sister are the last remaining two […]

Wednesdays Are My Mondays

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Unlike most people, I don’t hate Mondays. On Monday, I’ve got the whole week ahead of me to do what needs doing. On Monday, I start to regain order in the house after the chaos of the weekend. On Monday, I am (usually) more well-rested than on any other weekday. I don’t hate Mondays.  It’s Wednesdays […]

A Few Good Friends

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Last April, Sarah Kate decided she wanted to do the Bookin’ for Books 1-mile Pun Run to benefit her school library. She trained by walking around our neighborhood with me, listening to her iPod Shuffle. The race was held again this past Saturday, and she wanted to do it again. She didn’t train this time, […]


There’s a widespread belief that people with special needs are “different” from the rest of us typical people. That belief leads people to stare, ridicule, discriminate, or worse, against the differently-abled. I know, and freely broadcast to the world, that Sarah Kate is more like her peers than she is different. She is more like […]


Sometimes I get diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to my kids and their specialness.  I am particularly bad about going into what I’m quite certain are tedious details to the casual observer.  I don’t know why I feel the need to “explain” everything.  It exhausts me and a lot of people probably aren’t […]