How Our No-Christmas-Tree Experiment Went


Mr. Andi and I decided to swim against the current this year and wait to put up our Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. We’ve never waited so late before – in fact, neither of us can remember a time in our combined almost-90 years of life when either we or our families waited to put the […]

Seven Snippets: Four Christmases Edition


You’ve seen the movie, right? It’s not one of the best – not by a long shot! – but it is the most … ahem … relatable for Mr. Andi and me, because we’ve lived it.  Instead of visiting four families in one day, however, we’re having all four families visit us over a span […]

Merry Christmas!


Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a joyous new year!

Rudolph, the Reluctant Reindeer


Last week, the para at Nathan’s preschool hinted broadly that I needed to bring my camera to the preschool Christmas program because Nathan had a key part. I was … concerned. We’re talking public preschool here – neither private nor parochial – so that pretty much meant no Jesus, and the primary secular Christmas character is […]

Why We’re Not Doing Santa Anymore


Mr. Andi and I have decided: it’s time for Santa to go. After nearly twelve years as parents, with one four-year-old and one preteen, you’d think we would have made this decision a lot sooner – or at least that we would feel some pressure to keep the ruse going for a few more years. […]

Seven Snippets: More Christmas Pics!


— 1 — The shopping cart was a big hit. Unfortunately for the rest of the family – especially the dogs – it has been converted into a rally car. — 2 —  Sarah Kate has been so sweet to her brother. I overheard her playing with him on Thursday – she had created a […]

Merry Fish-mas, Miss Grinch!


Apparently I hit my limit on Coordinating All the Things, because Christmas 2013 got away from me. I know the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was shorter this year, but since we celebrated Thanksgiving early that shouldn’t have been a problem. The simple fact is that I dropped the ball … no, lots of balls […]

What I Really Want for Christmas

2012/241 - I've Made a Huge Mistake

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Andi asked me what I’d like to have for Christmas this year. My brain was blank. For the first time in, um…ever, I honestly couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted. I have everything I need, and most of what I want – at least if you take […]