My Other Last Place Finisher

2014/71 - Disney Princess 100 Meters (6 of 9)

He isn’t as famous as his sister, he wasn’t spotted by (nor did he pose for a photo with) a stranger. He didn’t struggle through rehab to get to this point, and I’m not sure he even realized he was going to run until we showed up and pinned a number to his back, but I’m still […]

Saturday’s Race: In Sarah Kate’s Words


As I mused last week, Sarah Kate has reached the age now where I feel like, more and more, she needs to be the one telling her stories. It shouldn’t just be me, because I’m not living them the way she is (although one astute reader gave me a great reason to keep going). So […]

Finish Strong. Never Stop.


Seriously, folks. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Sarah Kate made a return to Walt Disney World this past weekend to attempt the Kids’ Mile for the second time (Spoiler: she finished it). If you need to get caught up, read my original blog post about the first attempt here or go watch the […]

A Magic Moment for Sarah Kate


It’s no secret that it’s been a rough summer. Sarah Kate has handled everything like a trooper, but there’s only some sunshine you can muster when you’re an eleven year old girl cooped up at home being nagged by your mom into doing 45 minutes of exercises three times a day for weeks on end. […]

Disney Magic … in Mayberry!


Since it’s already been established that Sarah Kate is the Most Awesome Kid in the World, the next logical step would be to ask her, “What are you gonna do now that you’re the Most Awesome Kid in the World?” but since she became the Most Awesome Kid while at Walt Disney World, the answer […]

Why I Didn’t Post Any Snippets Last Friday

2012/303 - I Can Fly!

Because we were at Walt Disney World! I’m sure you were all like….”ooo, mysterious”….and…”what could possibly prevent the weekly Seven Snippets from being published?” because I’m certain you all eagerly await the brilliance that is the Snippets Each. And Every. Week. Or not. But anywho…my friend Katie got married last Thursday at the Wedding Pavilion […]

Mayberry Road Trip: Finale


Day 5: Wednesday Unlike the other days, Wednesday started out slow. Instead of rushing off to “do stuff” I kept the kids at Mickey Manor and put Nathan down for an early nap. My friend AnnMarie and her daughter Haley, who are from Massachusetts, were coming into town to spend a few days at Walt […]

Seven Snippets: Road Trip Edition


— 1 — Labradoodles may be the most patient dogs EVER. At least my friend Katie’s dog Tillie is. Nathan climbed on her, put his hands in her food bowl while she was eating, flopped onto her dog bed when she was about to lay down, and followed her around like she was the Pied […]