Sweat, Tears, and the Sea


This summer has been a struggle. It really shouldn’t have been. Compared to last summer, with Sarah Kate’s neverending rehab – Oh, the rehab! – and a trip I didn’t much want to take, and the shadow of Nathan’s failure to potty train looming over me, there’s no doubt this summer has been much easier. […]

Insta-Week: Girls, Girls, Girls!


Who’s up for a bunch of mostly-but-not-only Instagram photos today? I was talking to my mom on Wednesday and without going into all the specifics, I’ll just say that it dawned on me that she wasn’t aware of something pretty major that happened in our family this week: Sarah Kate cut her hair. If you […]

The Cherry on Top of An Ice Cream Sundae Week

Fan photos with the team.
Arkansas vs Auburn Softball on Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Auburn, Ala.  Anthony Hall/Auburn Athletics

On Friday, we dropped the dogs off for boarding, loaded up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, checked the kids out of school a little early, and headed for Auburn, Alabama. It was a combo mini-cation, visit with extended family, cousin birthday party, race, cheer the home team, and support the local boys trip (although the […]

Why We Don’t Have Any Specific Holy Week Traditions


Most people with some knowledge of Christianity know that the week between Palm Sunday and Easter is Holy Week. It’s when we commemorate the Passion of Christ, and is intended to be somewhat somber and sorrowful (but looking forward in anticipation to the resurrection!) It’s also the last week of Lent, a season of penance. […]

Because We Didn’t Think We Had Enough Crazy Around Here


Meet Gabi. Because three years of attempting to potty train Nathan has been only marginally effective, we thought it would be a good idea to get a puppy to potty train, too. Happy Birthday, Nathan and Mr. Andi.


Scott_6(rev 0).web

In 1996, Prince Charles and Diana divorced, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, Dolly the sheep became the first successfully cloned mammal, and Woody and Buzz were all the rage among the kid set because the original “Toy Story” had been released for the 1995 holiday season. Also in 1996? Mr. Andi and I got married. On […]

Families Say the Darnedest Things: Hoolies, Zah, and Barking About Trash


Families are amazing, right? Each family has its own unique history, traditions, and ways of doing things. In our house, we all know the quirky way you have to turn the deadbolt to lock the back door, why a potholder permanently resides in the decorative box next to the fireplace, and where to find the plates […]

Seven Snippets: Four Christmases Edition


You’ve seen the movie, right? It’s not one of the best – not by a long shot! – but it is the most … ahem … relatable for Mr. Andi and me, because we’ve lived it.  Instead of visiting four families in one day, however, we’re having all four families visit us over a span […]

Why We’re Not Doing Santa Anymore


Mr. Andi and I have decided: it’s time for Santa to go. After nearly twelve years as parents, with one four-year-old and one preteen, you’d think we would have made this decision a lot sooner – or at least that we would feel some pressure to keep the ruse going for a few more years. […]

The Obligatory Blog Post About Halloween


As is our Halloween tradition, the kids dressed in coordinating costumes again this year. The original plan was for them to be Violet and Dash from The Incredibles, which would have been especially appropriate for the younger one (ahem), but we couldn’t find a Violet in Sarah Kate’s size and I wasn’t up for a DIY so […]