Advice for My New Mom Self: Special Needs Edition

new mom, baby, cerebral palsy, special needs

In talking with other moms of very young children with cerebral palsy, I’ve found that we share many common emotions and concerns.  I recently met a local mom whose baby was recently diagnosed.  I don’t want to reveal any details about her on a public blog, but speaking with her did get me to thinking […]

Set Apart: A Primer for The Typical Folks

Down syndrome, almond eyes, r-word, special needs

After the overwhelming response to my guest post on Beth’s page, I’ve had a number of people contact me asking if they could link or repost my article.  Because of that, I’m reposting the piece in full here.  Feel free to link up, share, or quote if you like (I’d appreciate a nod to my […]


Sarah Kate has a scar running lengthwise up her back from surgery on her spinal cord in January of 2006. I told myself when it first healed that she was only three years old; eventually it would fade and be barely noticeable. Five years later, it’s still several inches long and, in a word, ugly. […]


The word to describe the driver who cut you off is: inconsiderate. The word to describe the way that you tripped and fell is: clumsy. The word to describe the request that your boss made is: ridiculous. The word to describe the joke you thought wasn’t very funny is: silly. The word to describe the […]

It’s Not About Political Correctness

It only takes a few minutes of searching on Twitter (or using the r-word counter) to see how pervasive the use of the r-word is in our society. And I’m sure that, to some people, the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign may seem like just one more in a long line of […]

A Day in the Life of Andi

5:58 a.m. Hear Nathan’s morning grouching on the baby monitor. $#@! Fall out of bed and walk like Frankenstein to the bathroom to relieve my bladder and find my slippers. 6:09 a.m. Fling various questions and instructions at Sarah Kate (Did you brush your teeth? Have you made up your bed? Please stop talking and finish […]

10 Reasons I’m Not the Mom That Some People Think I Am

If there’s anyone left out there who is under the mistaken impression that I am super-mom, a saint, or filled with a limitless capacity for caring, empathy, patience, or motherly perfection, I am officially declaring today that I Am None of Those Things.  Not only am I declaring it (envision Michael Scott), but I have […]

The Ever Present Question

I’ve had several folks ask “Did you know?” since Nathan was born.  What they want to know is whether or not we knew ahead of time that our baby would be born with Down syndrome.  I’m guessing that for every person that feels comfortable asking, there is another person that isn’t, but still wants to […]