An Open Letter to Friends and Family of Special Needs Parents


Do you mean what you say? You should. Because parents like me, with special needs kids and lots of irons in the fire, are counting on it. We all fail at meaning what we say and saying what we mean. I don’t claim innocence or perfection in this arena – not even a little bit. […]

What It Was Like to Be the Mom of the Most Awesome Kid in the World1

2014/58 - Disney Princess 1-Mile (6 of 12)

It’s been almost a week, and I’m still blown away. After the disaster that was the First Light Fun Run last month, I wasn’t sure Sarah Kate would be able to complete the Disney Kids 1-Mile, part of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. In fact, “I wasn’t sure” is the understatement of the year – […]

A Lot of Buddy, Not Much Walk

2013/288 - Buddy Walk (1 of 6)

If you’re expecting a tale of how inspiring and uplifting our local Buddy Walk was, you’re reading the wrong blog. We didn’t field a big team this year – just our family foursome plus one of Sarah Kate’s therapists (yep, you read that right…) We don’t have a Buddy Walk in our county, only over […]

What You Want to Know About Sarah Kate But Don’t Want to Ask


In Calera, Alabama, a building sits at the intersection of US Highway 31 and County Road 22. It’s one of those dining zombies – built to house one restaurant that closed down, followed by another and another, with no real explanation for why none of them last. It started out as a meat-and-three but has […]

Did a Stranger Want to Hug Your Kid Today?


Our parish has what I’ve heard other parents proclaim as The Best VBS in Town. As a result, our already pretty big parish has a very large VBS, which means lots of folks I don’t know. Or perhaps the reason I don’t know them is because we are the weirdo freak family that has only […]

A Few Thoughts From Sarah Kate


When I agreed last week to let Sarah Kate write a guest post for me, it hadn’t occurred to me that she hasn’t been taught any creative writing in school yet. 😉 Many of you were enthusiastic about reading what she had to say, so I’m sticking by my original decision to post her thoughts […]

Why I Didn’t Post Any Snippets Last Friday

2012/303 - I Can Fly!

Because we were at Walt Disney World! I’m sure you were all like….”ooo, mysterious”….and…”what could possibly prevent the weekly Seven Snippets from being published?” because I’m certain you all eagerly await the brilliance that is the Snippets Each. And Every. Week. Or not. But anywho…my friend Katie got married last Thursday at the Wedding Pavilion […]

Beaches, Buddies, and the Undercurrent of Down Syndrome

beach, Nathan, action, 2012

One of the best things about living near the coast is that we can head to the beach for the day without the need for reservations. We did just that on Saturday and again on Monday, loading down the family wagon with towels, sunscreen, and various other beach accoutrements. We parked at a semi-secluded public […]

Spread the Word to End the Word

R-word, Spread-the-word-to-end-the-word

Sure, the R-word is offensive. It’s hurtful to individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, and friends. That’s reason enough not to say it. But never mind that it’s offensive. Put aside that it’s hurtful. The real reason not to use the R-word is because it devalues people, not because of their actions, but because of […]

Life on the Gulf Coast: No Unicorns In Sight

2012/56 - Holiday

A few days before Fat Tuesday, one of my friends put a call out: weather forecast sunny with temps in the 70s – who wants to go to the beach? The beach – even the smaller bay side beach – is tough for me to manage with the kids and no help; Sarah Kate’s unsteady […]