I’m Heartbroken Today, and There’s Something I Want You to Know


Friends, my heart is broken today. On Tuesday, February 17, a friend of mine since elementary school decided this world would be better off without him. Exactly one month earlier, a college friend of mine made the same choice. The first blow hit me hard; the second one broke my heart. My friend Stephen was one […]

Spring Softball: Gone But Not Forgotten

2014/74 - Disney Princess 100 Meters (9 of 9)

Sarah Kate opted not to play softball this spring. I could tell you it’s because she’s having surgery and would miss a big chunk of the season, but I believe there’s more to it than that. Sarah Kate did pretty well in 10U in the fall, but it was a struggle for her. Fast pitch […]

What It Was Like to Be the Mom of the Most Awesome Kid in the World1

2014/58 - Disney Princess 1-Mile (6 of 12)

It’s been almost a week, and I’m still blown away. After the disaster that was the First Light Fun Run last month, I wasn’t sure Sarah Kate would be able to complete the Disney Kids 1-Mile, part of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. In fact, “I wasn’t sure” is the understatement of the year – […]

What I Want the Future to Look Like

Trevor Morrill, Cesar Ibanez and Trevor Rubio make their way across the BYU-Idaho campus | Photo Courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

At Brigham Young University-Idaho, a student named Cesar Ibanez is working toward a degree in biology with the aim of becoming a biophysicist. Ibanez has a genetic disease, spinal muscular atrophy, that prevents him from having any control of his legs, and limited control of other muscles. He requires assistance with, well, just about everything […]

What You Want to Know About Sarah Kate But Don’t Want to Ask


In Calera, Alabama, a building sits at the intersection of US Highway 31 and County Road 22. It’s one of those dining zombies – built to house one restaurant that closed down, followed by another and another, with no real explanation for why none of them last. It started out as a meat-and-three but has […]

Freedom for Sarah Kate…and So Much More

Sarah Kate has done an admirable job over the years of integrating herself into Typical Kid Culture. She was the one who requested to join swim team and she was the one who asked to play softball. For all of our declarations that she needs to get used to being part of the typical world, Mr. […]

Bikes and Buddies


The three-wheel bike arrived at our house during dinner last night, courtesy of Emily (the kids’ fave babysitter, former CCD teacher, and physical therapy assistant), and despite the fact that we didn’t have the toe clips screwed on and no good straps to use in a pinch, Sarah Kate had to ride it Right. Then. […]

Sometimes It Pays to Be Last


If you saw Tuesday’s post, then you figured out that we did, indeed, make it down to Disney for marathon weekend. Nathan hasn’t missed one yet (including when he was in the womb), but it was Sarah Kate’s first. I didn’t plan to take her, but her school had half-day off on Thursday and all […]

{VIDEO} What All the Fuss Is About: Sarah Kate at Bat

Softball season is almost over. Although my blog started out two years ago as an outlet for me that I shared with family and friends, it’s grown into something bigger than I ever anticipated, so most of the posts here are written with a larger audience than just my “in real life” circle. I’m deviating […]