Disney Cruise by Magic Moments, Part 1: Sarah Kate’s Take


Sarah Kate’s Magic Moment aboard the Disney Dream was last week. I didn’t share why I was taking a blog break, because I didn’t want to advertise to all the Interwebs OUR HOUSE IS GOING TO BE EMPTY FOR A WEEK! COME ROB US! so … now you know. I asked her to share a […]

Saturday’s Race: In Sarah Kate’s Words


As I mused last week, Sarah Kate has reached the age now where I feel like, more and more, she needs to be the one telling her stories. It shouldn’t just be me, because I’m not living them the way she is (although one astute reader gave me a great reason to keep going). So […]

GUEST POST by Mr. Andi: On Marriage and Garbage Disposals


My peeps, I gotta tell you: that game last night nearly killed me. Fortunately for the blog posting schedule, I knew ahead of time it would be that way, so here’s a little guest post from Mr. Andi. War Eagle, anyway! The transition from single guy to married guy with a house and step-pets brought […]

Advice for the New Special Needs Parent

Recently, Pediatric Home Service invited me to guest post on their blog, and I happily took them up on their offer. The post was published yesterday; it begins: Ten years ago, my daughter was born with cerebral palsy. The early years of her life were an emotional struggle, but around the time she turned four […]

A Few Thoughts From Sarah Kate


When I agreed last week to let Sarah Kate write a guest post for me, it hadn’t occurred to me that she hasn’t been taught any creative writing in school yet. 😉 Many of you were enthusiastic about reading what she had to say, so I’m sticking by my original decision to post her thoughts […]

When Mom’s Away: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of Mr. Andi’s guest post yesterday, be sure to check it out before you read any further! I reached into my bag and got Nathan’s ear muffs out and put them on him. My rifle and I are old friends. I know it and it knows me. I have never […]

When Mom’s Away: Part 1


Mr. Andi jumped in and guest posted for me last week – only the second time in all of my time blogging – so I was hesitant to bring him back right away. However, this blog is about our ordinary extraordinary life, so I can’t pass on the opportunity to let him share the following […]

GUEST POST: A Fishing Trip Goes Awry by Mr. Andi

Kids are work. But as I’m fond of saying, if you’re a dad and want to get a “hall pass” from mom, take them with you. Andi lets me go and do all the time, especially if I volunteer to take a kid with me (that usually means Nathan). On Monday, I was off work […]

Guest Post: Massage Therapy for Cerebral Palsy


Today you can find me over at Ellen Stumbo’s blog, These Broken Vases, blogging about how I found my purpose. Ellen and I have something very unique in common – we both have a child with Down syndrome and a child with cerebral palsy. Be sure to take a few minutes and head over! While […]

Preemptive Love: A Guest Post by Matt Willingham


Today I’m welcoming Matt Willingham, press secretary for the Preemptive Love Coalition, to share with you the story of a young boy in need. The Preemptive Love Coalition team lives and works in Iraq, training local heart surgeons and nurses with the aim of eliminating the 30,000+ backlog of children waiting for lifesaving surgery. This […]