Nathan, the Very Worst Brother

This past Sunday at Mass, just prior to the homily, our priest introduced a host of visiting seminarians. One is “interning” with our parish for a couple of months this summer, and the other four are visiting this week from the religious order Institute of the Incarnate Word (abbreviated IVE for the Spanish Instituto del […]

Merry Fish-mas, Miss Grinch!


Apparently I hit my limit on Coordinating All the Things, because Christmas 2013 got away from me. I know the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was shorter this year, but since we celebrated Thanksgiving early that shouldn’t have been a problem. The simple fact is that I dropped the ball … no, lots of balls […]

Houdini and the Poltergeist

photo 1

For some time, it has appeared that we have a poltergeist. Items have gone missing and then mysteriously reappeared months later, the grocery list on the counter one day had inexplicable markings despite the pen and pad appearing to not have moved, an entire gallon of milk was retrieved from the refrigerator and poured out […]

A Day Two Hours in the Life


6:10 a.m. Wake to the pitter patter of little feet. See a small shadow dart into my bedroom, snatch Mr. Andi’s Kindle Fire off the nightstand, and make a break for the living room. Weigh the possible ramifications of ignoring the thief and going back to sleep. Drag myself out of bed and recapture the […]

The Perils of the Petting Zoo


Nathan’s developmental preschool teacher is either a much more kind and generous soul than I am, or a madwoman. She brought in a petting zoo for the end of school party yesterday. Of course, she chose to be surrounded by preschoolers for years on end as her occupation, so I guess that first sentence could have […]

How NOT to Successfully Take a Christmas Card Photo of Your Kids


1. Don’t schedule it for a Sunday afternoon less than two hours after you finish your marathon training long run of 16 miles. The ability to move quickly, squat, and stand back up are all crucial skills for photographing children. 2. Don’t plan on taking said photo near a large body of water. Large bodies […]

One Month Later: The Unintended Consequences of the Big Boy Bed

2012/287 - Big Boy Bed

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked in the Snippets about how “well” nap time was going, now that Nathan has moved to a big boy bed? No? Well, never fear, because today you’re getting the play-by-play. I am happy to announce, however, that bedtime at night is going swimmingly. No more three strikes […]

Toddler Tunes: Down Syndrome Myths Redux


Today’s post is not what I had planned. I was drafting a piece on the good news about prenatal testing for Down syndrome, but I got a little bit sidetracked. Which is to say that instead of editing my writing, I edited some video instead. Remember when I posted the video of Nathan dancing to […]

Whose Poo Is This? My Descent Into Madness

Motivated by my oldest child’s grief over losing her beloved cat, I decided to keep my eyes open for another pet. A pet that would be hers. A pet that, unlike Doc, could sleep on her bed without forcing Mr. Andi to pull out his inhaler. A dog that, as she said, would be “small […]

The Post That Sarah Kate Will Hate Me For When She Hits Puberty


Some folks are born with a highly evolved fashion sense. My sister can throw together a fantastic outfit in less than two minutes, complete with accessories, and spend less than $10 on the whole ensemble. Other people are weak in the fashion department. I know my sister looks great in her bargain ensemble – I […]