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In 1996, Prince Charles and Diana divorced, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, Dolly the sheep became the first successfully cloned mammal, and Woody and Buzz were all the rage among the kid set because the original “Toy Story” had been released for the 1995 holiday season. Also in 1996? Mr. Andi and I got married. On […]

GUEST POST by Mr. Andi: On Marriage and Garbage Disposals


My peeps, I gotta tell you: that game last night nearly killed me. Fortunately for the blog posting schedule, I knew ahead of time it would be that way, so here’s a little guest post from Mr. Andi. War Eagle, anyway! The transition from single guy to married guy with a house and step-pets brought […]

GUEST POST: Like Sister, Like Brother (Seven Years Later) by Mr. Andi


I have been trying to steer Sarah Kate toward fishing, rather than hunting. We don’t belong to a hunting club, so we don’t have a lot of opportunities to go, and deer hunting isn’t catch and release like fishing is. If we don’t want to eat fish, we don’t keep them. Easy. Hunting isn’t like […]

GUEST POST: The Duck Dynasty/Special Needs Life by Mr. Andi

2013/103 - Hats and Mowers

He’s back! Mr. Andi has returned for another post – this time it’s about how his life is like that of the stars of A&E’s hit series, Duck Dynasty. And no, this picture doesn’t have much at all to do with the subject matter, but it’s a photo of Mr. Andi (with his two yard […]

When Mom’s Away: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of Mr. Andi’s guest post yesterday, be sure to check it out before you read any further! I reached into my bag and got Nathan’s ear muffs out and put them on him. My rifle and I are old friends. I know it and it knows me. I have never […]

When Mom’s Away: Part 1


Mr. Andi jumped in and guest posted for me last week – only the second time in all of my time blogging – so I was hesitant to bring him back right away. However, this blog is about our ordinary extraordinary life, so I can’t pass on the opportunity to let him share the following […]

GUEST POST: A Fishing Trip Goes Awry by Mr. Andi

Kids are work. But as I’m fond of saying, if you’re a dad and want to get a “hall pass” from mom, take them with you. Andi lets me go and do all the time, especially if I volunteer to take a kid with me (that usually means Nathan). On Monday, I was off work […]

Two for Tuesday


Happy Birthday, Nathan! …and Happy Birthday to Mr. Andi, as well. —— Today I’m guest blogging over at on the topic of “Why I Run.” Be sure to head over and check it out – there’s a little something in it for anyone who’s ever run, had a child with special needs, or just […]

The Faithful Departed: Remembering Deacon Hank

The Tau cross from Deacon Hank

Over the past nineteen months since Nathan’s birth, I’ve read many stories of moms who were devastated when they found out their children were (or would be) born with Down syndrome. My story is a little different. Someday I plan to tell it all, but for now I’ll summarize it in this way: before Nathan […]