It’s a Festivus Miracle! Nathan Runs™ No More (Mostly)


When we last checked in with Mayberry’s newest havoc-wreaking kindergartener, Nathan Runs™ was careening through the hallways being greeted by teachers (not his) who were inadvertently encouraging his bad behavior. It should be noted there was also some unapproved climbing. It’s probably no surprise that Week Two started pretty much just like Week One had ended. Nathan’s […]

In Which Nathan Has Homework and I Manage to Survive


I had grand plans for a beautiful post with lots of photos today, describing how special it was to help Nathan – a Big Boy now! – with his homework. BWAHAHAHA! Just kidding, of course. Homework has been the bane of my existence since Sarah Kate was a wee lass in kindergarten in 2008. I […]

The First Three Days: A Recap


When I last posted, I was wiping away tears as I drove away from Nathan’s school. My tiny little guy was suddenly A Big Boy and I had seven hours to kill before I went back to pick him up. But perhaps you are wondering how the story ends (well, not ends…the next installment would […]

The First Day


The day I’d been fearing finally arrived. Yesterday, I loaded the kids up and headed for (first) the middle school, then the elementary school. After going back and forth several times about whether it would be best to park in a disability space or just go through the regular line, we opted for regular line. All […]

Why Monday Is Going to Be a Rough Day


Seven years ago, Sarah Kate started kindergarten. I was nervous. She had only learned to stand still without assistance that summer, and we were new in town. Mr. Andi had arrived in March, but Sarah Kate and I didn’t come until two weeks before school started. We didn’t know the teachers, the system, or a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Nathan the Photog


A few weeks back, I upgraded my old phone. It was the 2012-era iPhone 5 that I’d had roughly two and a half years. The top button hadn’t worked since at least spring of 2014, and while that repair would have been included under a special warranty extension, I never felt like sending it to Apple and […]

When a Win Doesn’t Feel Like a Win


On Tuesday, I shared a few details about the birthday boys, including my favorite gift that Nathan received – a magnetic sight words sentence set. I was uber-proud of him for picking up on the words so quickly, so on Tuesday morning during breakfast when he asked me to play the game with him, I […]

Birthday Boys!


I suck at birthday parties. Seriously. I think it’s awesome that moms have the energy and creativity and gumption to plan elaborate themed parties for their kids, but I’m just not one of them. But what I do love to do on birthdays? Take pictures! Nathan turned five on Friday, so it’s time for the […]

Nathan: Full of Surprises


Way back in 2012, when Nathan was not-quite two and a half, his early intervention speech therapist was at the house. He was playing with one of his favorite toys at the time, a green-and-white Leapfrog My Own Leaptop. When he first got it, he loved it – probably because he thought he was getting […]

He Did It! Nathan Goes to the Dentist


After everyone’s fantastic advice about taking Nathan to the dentist for the first time, we took the plunge and made up our minds. Lots of folks suggested a pediatric dentist, and we were really leaning that way until Sarah Kate went to the dentist for a checkup. I was talking to the dental hygienist (who […]