The First Three Days: A Recap


When I last posted, I was wiping away tears as I drove away from Nathan’s school. My tiny little guy was suddenly A Big Boy and I had seven hours to kill before I went back to pick him up. But perhaps you are wondering how the story ends (well, not ends…the next installment would […]

The First Day


The day I’d been fearing finally arrived. Yesterday, I loaded the kids up and headed for (first) the middle school, then the elementary school. After going back and forth several times about whether it would be best to park in a disability space or just go through the regular line, we opted for regular line. All […]

Why Monday Is Going to Be a Rough Day


Seven years ago, Sarah Kate started kindergarten. I was nervous. She had only learned to stand still without assistance that summer, and we were new in town. Mr. Andi had arrived in March, but Sarah Kate and I didn’t come until two weeks before school started. We didn’t know the teachers, the system, or a […]

Education Expectations: What I Care About, and What I Don’t


On a recent episode of Mad Men, Pete Campbell’s ex-wife, Trudy, calls him in a tizzy because their daughter didn’t get into the school they expected. Not a college or prep school, mind you…preschool. One reason cited for Tammy’s failure was her lack of skill in the “Draw a Man” test. I was reminded of a discussion […]

Sarah Kate and the Sheriff


It’s been a big week for Sarah Kate, and it ain’t over yet. Fresh off of Monday evening’s performance, Tuesday evening Sarah Kate came face-to-face with the sheriff. Each of the area schools was invited to nominate a student for the local Optimist Club’s Youth Appreciation Award, given to students who are outstanding achievers in […]

Nathan: Full of Surprises


Way back in 2012, when Nathan was not-quite two and a half, his early intervention speech therapist was at the house. He was playing with one of his favorite toys at the time, a green-and-white Leapfrog My Own Leaptop. When he first got it, he loved it – probably because he thought he was getting […]

Let’s Chat About the 504 and the IEP


Ah, yes, it’s that time again. The start of the school year, you mean? Well, yes, but it’s also the dreaded season of IEP 1 and 504 2 meetings. Nathan has the first, and Sarah Kate has had both (she has a 504 plan at the moment), so I’ve done both in years past – and […]

The Words I Was Sure I’d Never Say

Another school year has come and gone. Come August, Sarah Kate will move up to the sixth grade, and Nathan will be in Pre-K. We’ve registered him for three days a week again at the same private preschool he’s attended the past two years, and of course, he’s also still eligible for the developmental preschool […]