Seven Snippets: How I’m Spending My Vacation From Summer


— 1 — Remember when I chuckled at the rookie moms who dressed their kindergarteners in white shirts the first week of school? Oh, how I have evolved in seven years! Whereas I once sent my firstborn in a white shirt, made sure that every day’s homework and/or project was sent in on time (or […]

Seven Snippets: Three Days Until School Starts


Hey Hey! The snippets are posting a little later than normal, but They. Are. Up. Three out of four of us have come down with a late summer cold – Sarah Kate is the last holdout. — 1 — The kids spent last week in Tennessee with Mr. Andi’s dad and his wife. Sarah Kate pretty […]

Seven Snippets: Deja Vu, Swimming, and the Best Laugh Ever


— 1 — If you look at no other Snippets, don’t skip this one. Best. Laugh. Ever. A video posted by Andi Sligh (@andisligh) on Jul 20, 2015 at 11:29am PDT — 2 — Remember last year when I shared photos of a Real Live Blog Reader Christina that had contacted me about doing a […]

Seven Snippets: In Which Sarah Kate Returns to the Pool for a Meet


— 1 — Remember when I told you I’d have a new post for Thursday? Yeah…didn’t happen. I’ve got a lot of thoughts marinating but they weren’t ready to come out yet, apparently. I will try again next week, although I am back with Snippets after an unusual hiatus (that’s something, right?) — 2 — […]