Seven Snippets: Surviving Spring Break Edition


— 1 — Spring Break, Woo Hoo! (Please tell me someone gets that reference!) I had big plans for spring break this year – spring cleaning was first on my list. I was going to scrub baseboards, wash windows, clean appliances…the house was going to look great when I got done! But then reality hit. […]

Seven Snippets: Back From My Forced Hiatus!


— 1 — Hey hey! I’m writing these Snippets on Thursday evening, crossing my fingers and saying a few prayers that FRIDAY will be the day that – at long last! – no one in this house is sick. It’s been a long, long, long, long week of fevers, headaches, hurling, and other unmentionables. — […]

Seven Snippets: Whack-a-Mole Edition!


— 1 — Last week, after my dad read the blog post about our new puppy, Gabi, he gave me a call and he sounded a wee bit giddy. Although I had forgotten it, he had two pointers when I was little, including one who was named Gus that I adored who died of cancer when I was […]