Sisters and #BadgerBall


Although Sarah Kate was the one who made the decision not to play softball this spring, it was bittersweet for her. The chance to throw out the first pitch for her old league helped; I thought attending a real college softball game might cheer her up a little more. Enter the Spring Hill Lady Badgers. […]

Spring Softball: Gone But Not Forgotten

2014/74 - Disney Princess 100 Meters (9 of 9)

Sarah Kate opted not to play softball this spring. I could tell you it’s because she’s having surgery and would miss a big chunk of the season, but I believe there’s more to it than that. Sarah Kate did pretty well in 10U in the fall, but it was a struggle for her. Fast pitch […]

Seven Snippets: Star Wars, Myers-Briggs, More Softball, and Some Sad News


— 1 — Last week, I opted for Halloween pics instead of more snippets on Myers-Briggs personality types. But never fear! I’ll coming back to it this week. Mr. Andi has been calling me Vladimir Putin, Vlad, or some variation for the past few weeks. — 2 — My friend Tracy posted an infographic on […]

Equality, Generosity, or Something Else? You Tell Me.

2013/307 - At Bat

At last Monday’s softball game, Sarah Kate got walked. It’s been a recurring theme this season in 10U. It’s the first level at which the girls pitch – fast pitch, no less – and they aren’t that great at it. Only a few girls have gotten a base hit, and even less have done it […]

Wrong Again: 10U Softball


At the end of the spring softball season, I didn’t want Sarah Kate to keep playing softball. I didn’t think it would be fun, I didn’t think she’d be able to do it, and I was pretty sure it was “different” from 8U. I did allow a little bit of doubt, though, based on the […]

Final Game. Final at Bat. Would She Finish Strong?


It’s been a tough softball season. Sarah Kate’s team wasn’t very good, combining 8U with 6U wasn’t ideal, and despite being better at hitting the balls this season, Sarah Kate seemed to always hit them in the fielding “sweet spot,” giving her little chance to get a single, much less score. She had lots of […]

A Softball Mom Is Born

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a contributor over at my friend Sarah Halstead’s blog, In the Moment With. Sarah and I “met” through our love of photography and the shared experience of having a child with cerebral palsy. It’s my turn this week to share, and – surprise, surprise! – I opted to blog about […]

Left Behind

2013/31 - Night Night

On Saturday morning, I took Sarah Kate to register for spring softball. It was a much different experience from a year ago when I signed her up for the first time. There was no anxiety about making the leap. There was no wondering if people would look at her funny. There wasn’t even my generalized […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

2012/311 - Final Game

Tuesday night was Sarah Kate’s last softball game of the fall season. She batted three times, grounding out all three, but advanced the first base runner to third on two of them (there was no one on base the third time because the hitter she advanced the other two times hit a home run – […]