Equality, Generosity, or Something Else? You Tell Me.

November 5, 2013

At last Monday’s softball game, Sarah Kate got walked. It’s been a recurring theme this season in 10U. It’s the first level at which the girls pitch – fast pitch, no less – and they aren’t that great at it. Only a few girls have gotten a base hit, and even less have done it […]

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Future Slugger? Maybe.

May 7, 2013

Tonight is the last softball game of the season, and more than likely the last of Sarah Kate’s short but notable softball career. It’s been a lot of fun, a little pain, and a good learning experience for all of us. Including Nathan. I’ve never been under any delusions that either of my kids will […]

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Why I’m Not a Fan of the Fed’s Ruling Regarding Equal Opportunity in Sports for Students With Disabilities

January 31, 2013

In last Friday’s Snippets, I invited you to suggest future topics for the blog. Reader Ali had a request: that I share how I feel about the new federal regulations mandating that schools allow kids with disabilities to participate in sports. I should have known better than to open that door on what was a spur of […]

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Seven Snippets: Road Trip Edition

August 10, 2012

— 1 — Labradoodles may be the most patient dogs EVER. At least my friend Katie’s dog Tillie is. Nathan climbed on her, put his hands in her food bowl while she was eating, flopped onto her dog bed when she was about to lay down, and followed her around like she was the Pied […]

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Mayberry Road Trip: Day Four

August 9, 2012

At the end of Monday night’s game, I should’ve known by the frighteningly close lightning strike followed almost immediately by thunder loud enough to set off a few car alarms that Tuesday wasn’t going to be quite as painless as Monday had been. Day 4: Tuesday In our continuing efforts to disrupt Katie’s life up […]

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Mayberry Road Trip: Day Three

August 8, 2012

Day 3: Monday Unless you’ve been to Walt Disney World a number of times, you probably aren’t fully aware of how much there is to see outside of the four theme parks. I love Disney, and we visit fairly often, but I avoid the parks like the plague during the summer – it’s too hot […]

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Mayberry Road Trip: Day One

August 6, 2012

You could say it’s a little uncharacteristic of me to take off on a spontaneous road trip with the kids. You could also say that the Pope is a little bit Catholic. But Mayberry’s 9-10 year old all-stars made the World Series so I decided to take the kids. No plan and no idea when […]

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Find Your Greatness: These Athletes Did!

August 2, 2012

Like most everyone with a TV, I’m watching the Olympics. Our family favorites are the swimming events, though I’m also a fan of the track and field (particularly the longer distances). I’m probably watching more commercials this week than I’ve watched in a year, because although most of the events I’ve seen weren’t live when […]

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Opening Day: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Softball

March 6, 2012

Much like the first swim meet, Sarah Kate’s first softball game wasn’t exactly something I looked forward to with gleeful anticipation. I had two goals for softball: for Sarah Kate to enjoy it, and for me to survive it. On Sunday afternoon, following three weeks of evening practices, I found myself sitting alone in the […]

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Facing My Fears…Because She Has None

February 9, 2012

The great irony of parenting a child with a disability is that one of the things you want most for them – full inclusion, with no strings attached – is often sabotaged not by the actions of others, but by your own fears. When Sarah Kate wanted to sign up for swim team, every ounce […]

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