Seven Snippets: In Which Sarah Kate Returns to the Pool for a Meet


— 1 — Remember when I told you I’d have a new post for Thursday? Yeah…didn’t happen. I’ve got a lot of thoughts marinating but they weren’t ready to come out yet, apparently. I will try again next week, although I am back with Snippets after an unusual hiatus (that’s something, right?) — 2 — […]

Just Keep Swimming: 2013 Edition

2013/196 - Next Up

Four seasons. That’s how long Sarah Kate’s been on swim team. This past weekend was the big season-ending area swim meet – the last one that Sarah Kate will ever compete in as a “10 and under” swimmer. I’ve been mulling the past few days over what I’d say about it, but the truth is […]

My Love/Hate Relationship With Swim Team


Those of you who’ve been reading for awhile likely noticed that blog posts about swim team are conspicuously absent this summer. Gone are the days when I celebrated every tiny achievement and wrote ad nauseum about the trials and triumphs of having a daughter with cerebral palsy who swims competitively (“competitive” being understood to mean […]

Might As Well Tri (The Triathlon, Part 1)

triathlon, mag trainer, bike

My enthusiasm following Sarah Kate’s stellar swim meet performance earlier this summer led me to proclaim on Twitter that when my friend Donna completed the Chesapeake Bay Swim, I would commit to a triathlon. She did it, so… It. Was. On. Given that I’m a marathoner, it seems logical that I’d want to move up […]

The Battle We’re Winning

Down syndrome, inclusion

This post is the second of a two-part series. Part 1, The Battle We’re Losing was published on Thursday. Two weeks ago, I got to see a glimpse into Nathan’s future. As we were arriving at swim practice one morning, I spotted a young girl leaving that I’d never seen before. I wanted to speak […]

Highs and Lobes

cerebral palsy, daughter, swimming, swim team, inclusion

When my alarm went off at 5:30 am on Saturday, my initial thought was how ridiculous this plan was. We were loading up both kids and all of Nathan’s toddler accoutrements to drive 80 miles each way to watch Sarah Kate swim for two minutes in the GCAAL Jr. Championship swim meet (um, yeah, it […]

Just Keep Swimming: 2011 Edition

cerebral palsy, inclusion, swimming, backstroke, swim team

Flashback:  Intrasquad Swim Meet – June 2010 Mr. Andi and I reluctantly allowed Sarah Kate to sign up for swim team, believing it would be, at worst, good exercise and a little extra therapy for her cerebral palsy.  Despite a rough start, she decided on the day of the intrasquad meet that she wanted to […]

Slowpoke-ahontas (CMSA Meet Take 2)

Sunday morning was mercifully easier than Saturday. After Saturday’s meet marathon, I felt we deserved the double sleep bonus of the time change and the later warmup time. Mr. Andi stayed home with Nathan so it was just The Girl and Me on the drive over. I was determined that Day Two was going to be […]

Halftime Entertainment (CMSA Meet Guest Post by Mr. Andi)

I am not a blogger by any stretch.  I don’t even really like to read blogs because I can’t sit still long enough to do it.  I’m also not a writer.  I can spell with the best of them (which makes me an anomaly in the engineering world) and Andi usually has to proof everything […]

We Don’t Belong Here (CMSA Meet Take 1)

Before I signed Sarah Kate up for SWAT, I was concerned that it would be too competitive for her.  I knew that the kids who swim year round are the more competitive group, and I just wasn’t sure that they would be all that welcoming of a kid with a disability who always finished last […]